i lost my virginity at the age of

i lost my virginity at the age of 15...... but the thing is that nobody knows it that i lost it to my local bus driver(school bus driver)... well this is what happened.... it was on a wedsday..... i was in the bus with the tops of the most 6 people... i was the last person to get off ... well to not make things less compelcating we began to talk and get to know each other... next thing you know it were having hard core s** ...!!!!! OMG!!!! i loved it he pounded me so hard in the ass... and fingered me se good ... just thinking about it turns me on... but ya ... it wont for get that and im actually 17 yrs. old right know ... so when my boyfriend f**** me i think of my bus driver .....

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  • "Dear Penthouse Forums, I can't believe this happened to me!"

  • With. 16 year old

  • I lost it when i was 13

  • Who did you loose it with

  • It sounds like it was good for you. The sexual stimulation that he gave to you. I am jelious.

  • your disgusting... at least do it with people your own age. a nd you still think of him?!?! thats even nastier. i'd be p***** if i was your bf

  • Amazing how many child molesters are out there.

  • So you lost your virginity by getting it in the ass.....dang, it took me years to get the nerve to try that.

  • Don't listen to all these idiots! When I was 15 I lost my virginity to a 40 year old man. Young guys may look good but they usually suck in bed! Older MEN know how to get the job done...

  • seek Jesus

  • i know your such a fucken ass.... "lover"

  • "lover" your shouldn't wish death on anyone, because what goes around comes around..... so stop being an a******

  • ummm......theres only 1 girl in there...lol

  • you go girls you did a good thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I KNOW WHO ARE YOU LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!! you get so annoying

  • hey LOVER why are you so mean to people

  • f****** loser... you're a dirty w****!!!!! i hope you get full blown AIDS!!! AND DIE A HORRIBLE PAINFUL DEATH...NASTY S*** B****!!!


  • umm...u guys didnt get caught??...theres cameras on the busses...u guys r sick!

  • thats nasty how old was he??...50?

  • i think you should like tell some1

  • omg your sick

  • ewwwww crusty c***

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