I have to do this......

I am bisexual...........wow that felt good to say. I havn't really said it out loud because there is noone I can say it to. My parents would pretend to be understanding but then get into a big arguement with eachother about what they did wrong when they raised me and then they would sit me down and tell me that since I am bi I should just stick to guys and avoid other women. My brothers would call me a d*** and crack jokes about how they knew all along because I hve a lot of gay friends and I am kinda a tomboy. My friends would be shocked because I tell them everything but this is a secret that I have kept for about two years. I just needed to get it off my chest, second step is telling my bestfriend who i know I can trust because I am the only one who knows he is gay. I just don't know how to tell my parents but even worse I can't tell the guy that likes me and keeps flirting with me because he is a great guy but he is homophobic and even more difficult is telling my friend that I love her and that I want a relationship with, she is bi too but she doesn't commit to just one person, which I can understand considering we are only juniors in highschool.

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  • I know we're your coming from. I am bi and I don't know how to tell anyone. The only person I ever told is my cusin and that's because I was slightly drunk. I hope that you can find the courage to tell someone you really trust and hope that you do what you think you should do. I am kind of young to be telling you advice I am still in junior high (yeah that young) but I am telling you what you should do. And that's to follow your heart. Do what you think is right and tell who you think you should tell.

  • Power to you!

  • Then confess to the girl! Make sure the guy can keep a secret, test him first. And before you tell him you're bi, find him a girl. Tell your parents, soon, maybe in a year? Amonth? When you're ready. Ignore your brother. Brothers are like that. Explain to your friends that this was a hard thing for you to tell anyone, they'll understand :)
    Dont be afraid of who you are!

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