I have to do this......

I am bisexual...........wow that felt good to say. I havn't really said it out loud because there is noone I can say it to. My parents would pretend to be understanding but then get into a big arguement with eachother about what they did wrong when they raised me and then they would sit me down and tell me that since I am bi I should just stick to guys and avoid other women. My brothers would call me a d*** and crack jokes about how they knew all along because I hve a lot of gay friends and I am kinda a tomboy. My friends would be shocked because I tell them everything but this is a secret that I have kept for about two years. I just needed to get it off my chest, second step is telling my bestfriend who i know I can trust because I am the only one who knows he is gay. I just don't know how to tell my parents but even worse I can't tell the guy that likes me and keeps flirting with me because he is a great guy but he is homophobic and even more difficult is telling my friend that I love her and that I want a relationship with, she is bi too but she doesn't commit to just one person, which I can understand considering we are only juniors in highschool.

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  • My attitude is like to the royals "the more that the world ignores them, they will go away and have less platforms to push their abuse on the general public who are tired of hearing about them when they are so mean and abusive. they harm everyone who is a fan anyway." ignore them and you give the power back to the people! and that has to be the bottom line for us commoners to survive! its all about the Windsors (fake name, THE MERRY WIFE'S OF WINDSOR CAN GO EAT C***!) survival well, times are tough, its all about the COMMONERS SURVIVAL NOW!

  • I know we're your coming from. I am bi and I don't know how to tell anyone. The only person I ever told is my cusin and that's because I was slightly drunk. I hope that you can find the courage to tell someone you really trust and hope that you do what you think you should do. I am kind of young to be telling you advice I am still in junior high (yeah that young) but I am telling you what you should do. And that's to follow your heart. Do what you think is right and tell who you think you should tell.

  • Power to you!

  • Then confess to the girl! Make sure the guy can keep a secret, test him first. And before you tell him you're bi, find him a girl. Tell your parents, soon, maybe in a year? Amonth? When you're ready. Ignore your brother. Brothers are like that. Explain to your friends that this was a hard thing for you to tell anyone, they'll understand :)
    Dont be afraid of who you are!

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