I’m an A grade student, Who is on

I’m an A grade student,
Who is on every team and club possible.
I have lots of friends and acquaintances.
I am very friendly, I can have an intelligent conversation.
I am a respected member of the community,
Lots of people look up to me in the community.
I have a great, supportive family, a beautiful, large house and sweet pets.
I am an average athlete due to pure talent and luck at compulsory sports events.
I am highly creative, I am a highly talented actor, performer and photographer.
I give lots of service to charity and money.
I have my own website, myspace, online gallery of a very high standard.
I'm in three bands, one with a pending record deal.
I can sing very well, write lyrics beautifully.
I’m very pretty and skinny with voluptuous b******.
I’m very proud of my body that I do nothing to maintain, I eat expensive crap food and do no sport other than the compulsory.
I have beautiful clothes, jewellery and accessories that are expensive and make me look fantastic.
I have a hot boyfriend who loves me completely and is great. We have unbelievable s** at least four times a weekend; he holds me all night and tells me I’m beautiful, he loves me and such.
I am perfect, in a sense.

I also am suffering anxiety attacks.
I can’t stop crying the moment I’m alone.
I have depression.
I drink very heavily and haven’t ever had a hangover.
I have the early anorexic traits, I have since I was 12.
But I don’t want to get better.
But I do.

I really like my life at the moment.
Except for a small part of me.
But, mostly.
What do I need to make kill the last paragraph’s bad crap?
I hate myself because some people only have each other and are happy.
What am I missing? or is it something else?

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  • some girls would die to have what you have right now so all i have to say is just try to get better and it seems like you have no fun to me.
    maybe you are depress because you are doing too much.

  • This is too damn loooooooonnngg!

  • maybe you are depressed because you are doing too much.

  • Ignore the chumps above.

    No such thing as god, and drugs aren't the answer.

    I suggest taking up masturbation.

    It does the soul good.

  • You are a high achiever, which is the type of person to suffer from the types of problems you describe. Please get help from a psychiatrist or psychologist. This can make the difference in you being happy and successful versus an unhappy washup. Please, help yourself by taking the first step!

  • some girls would die to have what you have right now so all i have to say is just try to get better and it seems like you have no fun to me.

  • consider heroin

  • Have you considered asking God what you're missing?

    Think: if there is a God, he'll hear you. Ask him to show you whether he's real and whether he can fill the void.

  • the thing that you are missing is challenge.

  • im like you in some ways... everyone at school thinks im this cute little scene kid that was the perfect b/f and the perfect life.. you sound more like the preppy girly kind... im not but in my lifestyle everything that i do that might seem bad to you is perfectly everything that people in my lifestyle would ever dream about. I have parents that are always out, a big room with a door leading to the backyard... perfect for my bf to come in whenever... and all the crack, tweak, weed, and alcohol a kid could ask for... my friend asked me the other day why i was so unhappy i get everything i want and when i want it... Its depression i know i have it and it sounds like you have it too my lifestlye may sound s***** but it is perfectly were i want it... know i just need to get there to. good luck to ya mate and i hope you make it thro with a perfectly happy life

    xx rock on xx

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