Older guy wants to give me a bj

Im 19 fit , and I cut lawns during the summer. There is one guy I cut a lawn for and yesterday he asked me if I have a girlfriend. I said I see a girl but nothing serious. He says if you ever need a bj , stop by .. Now what ?

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  • Many gay men s***d*** much better than girls. They seem to hve a special knack for it. Go for the experience. Enjoy life and don't feel guilty. There is nothing in the world quite like a good c*********.

  • H***, go for it! Why not?

    I mowed lawns in my neighborhood when I was 18. The work sucked but the money was decent and I got to keep up a nice tan. There were a couple of guys who lived together whose lawn I mowed once. They knew I was underage, but offered me beer anyway. I was an idiot and declined. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure that they were a couple and were offering me more than just beer, but I was innocent and dense and it went completely over my head.

    I was also completely straight at the time, and probably would've turned them down even if I had realized what was up. They never asked me to mow their lawn again, and I doubt it's because I didn't do a good job.

    I'm older now, and very definitely bi. I love everything about s** with women, but kick myself in the head for passing up the chance to be a regular play toy for two older men all those years ago.

    Even if you're straight and have zero interest in men, getting sucked off whenever you want is a fantastic offer! And guys are generally DAMN good at it. out of the top 5 b******* I've ever gotten in my life, probably 4 of them were from men even though most of the head I've gotten has been from women.


  • If you want you go get a BJ. It's that simple. I was cutting lawns when I was 14. When I was 16 I was cutting grass for an older man. He would ask me if I wanted a beer or offer me other alcoholic drinks. Like hard liquor. I would go down in his basement and drink a few beers. Then one day I was drinking beer and he came over to me and he pulled out his p****. The next thing I know I was on my knees and giving him head. I don't know what happened to me but I felt drawn to this much older man in his late 60's. It ended up much later with him and I having s** in his basement. He paid me very well for cutting his lawn and then having intercourse with him. His yard would have been a $15.00 yard. He gave me $100.00 for it and the s**. I also plowed his driveway when it snowed. He made me hot chocolate and added lots of cream if you know what I mean. He eventually killed himself after he developed Parkinson's .

  • Do it. When I was your age i let an older guy suck me off almost every day.

    He did it until he died at 80. I was 40 them.

    Best blow jobs ever.

  • Everday .. Holy s***

  • He lived next to my parents apartment.

    I was 15 when it started. He gave me a key I go in before school and he would be laying naked on his bed waiting for me. I would take off my pants and get on the bed to watch him j*** off, he always shot his c** on his stomach. I would get hard as a rock. Then he would take me in his mouth and blow me. He swallowed from the first time.

    Starting when I was 17 after school I would go back and I f*** his ass. It was so tight and felt so good. I found I couldn't get enough of his ass. I also loved seeing his c*** get rock hard as I asd f***** him and watching him c** from being f*****.

    I was 21 when my parents move to Florida I it took over the apartment, and he come over strip and let me use him any way I wanted.

    I dated a lot women, but even when I had s** with them. I would go back to him that night to f*** him.

    The last s** was as good as when I was 15. His mouth felt so good and his ass was still very tight.

    I f***** him 4 times that day. That night he passed away. He left me all his money. But I would rather have him alive to suck my c*** and f*** his ass.

    I loved him.

  • Great story .. bet being young getting your c*** sucked was great and c****** in his mouth .. so hot

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