My boyfriend cut his hair. It used to be really long and smooth. Now he cut it to chin length, because he thought I didn't like it. I hate it. But he cut off 10 inches for me. He looks ridiculous. How can i tell him I hate it when he did it for me?

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  • It is just hair, but..I have to agree with the poster. Was dating a woman, who, while attractive, looked better with longer hair (I prefer long hair anyway..always have). Then she cut it short, to a bob-type cut, and took me weeks to get used to it, and, hope she saw the error of her decision and let it grow back.

    Have to admit..I never looked at her the same after she went short. Didn't find her as desirable. Funny how, after her, I went for a young, model-beautiful blonde, who's hair went to her mid-back. Maybe I was making up for the other one.

  • It's just hair. It'll grow back. It'll just make him feel bad if you tell him it looks bad.

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