My kid, ALL American Boys...

Are becoming p******! I'm sick of it! His mother, his teachers, everyone baby's the little d*** and all of his f****** friends are p******! Even the 'athletes', football jocks, track athletes, even wrestlers.

All they want to do is play f****** Xbox and have mommy pet their sorrows away! They make me want to vomit. I try to teach my kid a little woodworking, plumbing, any sort of skill and all he does is p*** and moan until he gets back to the Xbox!

F*** it! America is lost!

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  • Can't you see technology is growing?? You aren't in YOUR era anymore why don't you try and like your sons interests and show some effort. You are living with this image in your heads of the OLD sterotypical boy/man times have changed! If you want your kids to grow up learning about life skills then take him outside and play soccer or football or baseball! And in case you havent noticed, the money isn't so good when your a laborer, many kids who play xbox, video games etc grow up to be intellegent when it comes to technology and often become doctors, lawyers etc..

  • Yea I'm with you on this, all kids need to "man up" they are more like girls these days. I fear my son is gay, posted it up a couple of weeks ago and got totally slated for expressing a fear. I blame their mothers for wrapping them up in cooton wall. They need to be real men like us!

  • And also, why is it such a grave insult to be compared to a woman? What's so wrong with women that it's so shameful to have anything in common with them.

  • Issue is, why is it wrong to be gay?

  • No parents want their kid to be a h***, okay? No parent sits there and dreams about what kind of man their son will marry, someday, alright? Keep it real.

  • best confession so true I fear for my kids generation lazy vidiots I'm trying to prevent it and the funny thing is my grandpa thinks my generation is lazy wuss

  • Kids have different interests these days. Not sure how many can say plumbing is one of them :-). But what about maybe playing the Xbox with your son and then say after one game that you guys build something together either woodwork or a model airplane..just something to do together. OR even go camping, bike riding, fishing, golfing etc. And then talk to your wife (ex?) to get on board and encourage your kid together to involve him in other things other then the XBox.

  • Lol the tags on this site are retarded sometimes.

  • HAHAHA I don't usually look at them, but you are so right.
    Very LOL and WTF.

  • Maybe It's because you're such a douchebag and they don't want to be near you.

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