Story of abortion... Let me begin

Story of abortion...
Let me begin with, I know there are many people who read the word abortion and want to freak out because they are against it. Your beliefs are fine but please read this and understand that it is not a promotion about it. This is a story of what I had to go through and the decisions I had to make. The guilt I have I will I live with and will always be there… The questions of whether or not I made the right decision is always there too but in the end I think it was for the best.

I will begin telling my story by saying I’ve been with my fiancé for several years. I am a college student and before being in this situation I was against abortion unless the child was a result of rape or a danger to the mother.

For about 6 months my fiancé and I were trying to get pregnant but we couldn’t. We ran into some financial problems and decided this wasn’t the best time to have a child. I was entering my last year of college and his job was running slow. About a month later we decided for me to go on the pill so there would be no chance of accidents. About five months later I was having some medical problems and I was put on some medication. I asked the doctor if the medication would affect my birth control. He told me it was fine. About 2 months later the doctor called me and said I needed to have blood work to check my liver. Well after the blood work I found out I was pregnant. (Wow talk about a shock)… It wasn’t something I was expecting to hear but I was excited. Before long we realized that we had to get in contact with the medical company the medication was from. They said it did affect some types of birth control but not enough to list it as an affect. … Neither the medical company nor the doctor knew how the baby would be since it was not to be taken while pregnant. … That is when my fiancé and I decided to get an abortion then to have our child to grown up in pain.

… When I had the abortion I was already 7 weeks but the fetus looked like it was only 4 weeks. I decided to have the medical procedure without twilight (anesthesia) because I don’t think it should be a pleasant experience. The procedure was very painful but didn’t take much time… By NO means do I think abortion is or should be used as a birth control method… I will be graduating from college soon and then will be getting married. I think everyday about the baby I would have had. I think it was for the best but it is something I will never forget and a secret my fiancé and I will take to the gravy.

Do you think it was the right or wrong choice?

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  • You're not killing a baby.
    you're killing a thing.
    its not a baby.... yet.
    I hate when people say "baby killer"
    when its not even a f****** baby.
    it annoys the h*** out of me.

    btw I think you did the right thing.
    cause its what YOU wanted. so that's all that should matter.

  • I think OP responded to their self a fiew times. No, idiot you were definately using the medication thing as an excuse. They didn't know what the effects would be if ANY. Chances are the baby would not even have anything wrong with it and I do not believe your type of stupid is hereditary.

  • That last comment, the 'just an excuse' comment, is so ignorant. Anyway, yes of course you did the right thing.

  • I think that you were just using the medication thing as an excuse to have the abortion.

  • I, too, have a secret I'm taking to the gravy.

  • Like you I've always thought that the only reason for you to have an abortion is if you've been raped or the baby wouldnt live or harm you or if you dont think that you could care for a special baby. I think you did the right choice for you. Some women may have the strenght to take care of babies that have special needs but some dont. I like you don't, if i would have been in your situation I would have done the same thing.

  • It was the right chioce. If the child was disabled, it would not be priviledged to so many things in life and you as a parent would feel dreadful and being so young it would be a burden on you and I know many people that have undergone counselling and divources as a result. If you did have the disabled child, if would be harder for you to say goodbye after a full term pregnancy if the baby died or you decided to adopt out. It's hard but your young. You'll have plenty of time. But don't look at it as a good thing though. Dwell on the child as a death. It's an abortion. A death. Have a shrine. Make sure you know that their was love and for the baby too. It deserves it.

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