I love my lesbian.

I moved to a school & my first friend i me is really badass & she's lesbian so its like a win win but anyways, she's really "mellow" and doesnt really talk to alll the "gangster" people but i do & mostly everyday she tells me,"Why do you hang around with those f***?" and i just stay quiet i dont wanna hurt her feelings but then again i wanna tell her. I just feel like if she were to let me hang around with whoever i wanna hang around with i would have more friends, but i guess i cant even have that conciering my life sucks as it is /:
& also i cnt talk about guys with her because well she's lesbian & when i do she says,"Eww i f***** hate guys, why do you like them?"
I just dont know what to do...HELP!

Feb 28, 2011

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  • You need to live your life. She doesn't own you..you're allowed to be friends with whomever you want. Just tell her that she is awesome and you really like being friends. But that you also need to make other friends. And since you're not gay, you'd like to meet a guy. If she can't support you, then you may need to rethink this friendship.

  • Be blunt with her. Don't take any of her s***. She'll like you better if you do.

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