I cant talk about this to my friends because im not that open! I have such a big crush(I REALLY LIKE HIM I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS FOR HIM) on a boy who lives in other country ! but the country is close to mine and he's in my country right now on vacation .... :/ i got to know him when i was on vacation in his country.
a few days ago we were spending the whole day together and in the end of the day we were holding hands in the bus, it felt so great and the hugs he gave me, we never kissed. i'm so afraid that it'll be hard to be separated because he goes home in 2 weeks. He boosts my confidence and makes me feel so good and happy, he makes me laugh and he has same interests as me. I want to be with him!!! only him! he's mr right lol :(
i don't know what to do when he goes back home, i'll go insane haha:(
I just really needed to get this out of my heart, it feels so much better:)


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