I just want to get this off my chest

Okay so I don't know how to start this...
About a year ago I showed a person online a selfie of me for the first time. I was basically pressured into doing so because he threatened to never talk to me if I didn't show him my face. I sent him one, and he called me ugly. It hurt my feelings a lot because he just straight out said it to me, when he knew I was very self conscious in sending him a selfie anyways.
But anyways, that was the beginning of my story. I was going through facebook, when I saw a very pretty girl from my school. I was thinking something along the lines of "hey! she's really pretty, why not pretend that's me for a while?" Looking back on it it was completely stupid. But a saved a photo and posted it on a website. The pic got comments like "omg you're so pretty!'' and stuff like that. I was like "why not just keep this up for a little while? it's completely harmless." And that's what I did. I got completely obsessed. I used other peoples pictures, other social medias, made friends through them, etc etc.
It got to the point where I was checking their social medias everyday for new photos.
One day, I started to feel guilty and deleted all the apps off of my phone and just cried. I cried because I'm stupid. I cried because I'm disgusted. I cried because when everyone was being honest with me, I was lying to them. I cried because I was so fed up with myself. I cried because if I told anyone, they would think I'm crazy. H***, I even think I'm crazy now.
I know what I did was wrong, and I'll never forget it. I just can't seem to tell anybody.

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  • I dont know but I see everyone as beautiful. I may consider myself a plain jane but hey I have a lot of people who really love me. People who call others ugly have no soul or subtance in them. As long as your family and friends love you and think the world of you then you dont need that screwed up man. You are intelligent, talented and have a lot to offer and you will meet your prince soon.

  • If you deleted it all maybe it is best you don't tell people. I did this too. You're not alone. I wasn't feeling too good about myself, and I met this pretty lady in passing. We ended up Facebook friends, and it kind of happened the exact same way. I borrowed some pictures. It felt harmless. I shared them. I was complimented endlessly.Then I felt guilty and gross, but once you're in it's hard to walk away from the friends you make. And yes, they were sharing their lives openly with me, and I was a fraud, a fake and a lowlife. I have also stopped and removed it all. I wish I had to guts to confess but I don't, and I don't think they want to hear from me. I pretty much had to up and walk away completely from all of the cool online friends I made. When I think about this it leaves me feeling a bit sick, guilty, and kind of empty. What possessed me?! I am smart! I know right from wrong! And yet I did this. I feel terrible for using the woman's pictures. She really was kind and very lovely. I don't have a solution for either of us, but I wanted you to know you're not alone. -hug-

  • You're human, it's ok, it's done. No one got hurt. Lesson learned - oh ya, s**** the asshat who said you were ugly!

  • I also agree that the person that said you're ugly can s**** off!

  • Agreed, I do modeling but I'm so unhappy on the inside

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