Forgot the sun protection at the beach

I feel so stupid that I got burnt so it was just a quick walk down the road while on holiday and now I feel like I have had a serious chemical peel on my body. I am so worried about skin cancers because my grandfather used to even burn with a white shirt on his ancestors were from Iceland, originally. how shocking is that being burnt through clothing? h***... I think I will have to stay indoors a lot-lot more. I am so worried I cried and cried and cried over being burnt. I cried over so many things.

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  • You cried AND cried AND cried? FFS. You don't need sunscreen, you need Lithium. Or a diaper change.

  • You don't love me?

  • What's the issue here?
    Forgot something?
    Possible future skin cancer?
    Over reaction?

  • Get examined at your docs clinic, if you're that concerned about it and always use sunblock/aftersun as well, to protect your skin. Even if your skin is covered by clothes in the hit weather, it still needs to be covered with sun lotion.

  • Hot, not hit.

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