Hate people.

Can I just say something about driving instructors ? Like why are you all b******. Can’t you be nice? Smile and say things like, “don’t be nervous, you’ll do fine.” Or “Take your time, I’m here to help.” It’s really dumb to me how they can’t at least give you some pointers or tips so when you do mess up a bit they’ll help you and say what you’re doing wrong. Like, is there a reason why some of the driving instructors are just very unhelpful and stand-offish? They might say it’s cause driving isn’t suppose to be fun and care free and calming and the harder on you, the better cause that’s the way you learn and when a hard situation comes you’ll know how to handle it. Like no, I’m not gonna drive your ass around if you’re gonna make me be in a stressful situation and have me be stressed out while driving and have me be nervous about something. I don’t need a driving instructor that sighs dramatically when I mess up on something or tells me to hurry up when I’m taking my time to get it right. I seriously want to to change my major and just be a driving instructor so I can be nice to the nervous driver I’m instructing and tell them not to be nervous and smile to them and maybe talk to them a bit and then so they loosen up a bit and talk to them like a friend so they’ll do better. It doesn’t hurt anybody to say good job or good work here or there. Yes I know you’re suppose to know how to parallel park before you go do your test but some people practice and do well but then get nervous and then mess up while they do it. I’m just saying if you’re a driving instructor please make the situation easy in a way where the driver isn’t flustered and nervous.

Nov 9, 2015

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  • Drama queens always hate it when someone else is being "dramatic." Get over your precious self!

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