If it's a sin..

If it's a sin to be a lesbian,
then why did god put her in my path, why did I feel that feeling in my heart when I first saw her, when I first kissed her?

Mar 6, 2011

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  • You might not agree with me since I'm not religious what so ever but don't let all those stereotypes get to your head. Being lesbian is perfectly fine, it doesn't define who you are. Just do what you want to do in life, it's ur decision. Listen to "Same love" by Macklemore. It's a very sweet song

  • my friend Is Lesbian , And so Is My Cousin, Its Normal , Lesbian Is and Act .
    and It Shoulded matter To anyone About Your Sexuality Choices .

  • its not stupid. you are not stupid, don't let someone make you believe that. people are ignorant and will always be ignorant. thats why you have to find the few good ones and stick with 'em.

  • maybe its a challenge you are supposed to over come.. who knows?

  • What is this crap about it being a sin to be a lesbian? Come on. What sort of religion treats people that way. Lay with a woman. Enjoy. F*** all that religious bullshit.

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