Stitch me up.

I were a recovering self harmer, actually I weren't I'm one of those self harmers who'll get upset and cut every few months or so, kid myself into thinking ok my life isn't so bad I won't every cut again. And then something ridiculous plays on my mind or I relive painful memories and before you know the knife is slicing my skin again.

Last night I cut, and it's a significant sized cut, open you can see a couple small bits of white tissue, it feels like it's been touched by the burning flames of h***, so beginning to wonder if I should try to see a doctor and see if I should get a stitch or too.
Would do it myself if I were any good with needle and thread >.>

Problem is, if I went to the doctors i'd probably end up having to tell my mother why i'm going, seriously she wouldn't settle for a reason like just because... Because she's one of the nosiest people i've ever met she wants to know every detail about everything especially if it is no concern of hers! I am 22 years old dammit and a mother myself, I should not have to consult my mother every time I take a trip to the local GP surgery!.

I know if she knows about the new cut she will just go off on one about it, call me stupid, call me emo and send me on one h*** of a guilt trip which will in turn make me want to cut again and again and again.

I can't win.

Mar 8, 2011

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  • After 13 seconds of careful consideration, our group can now safely recommend killing yourself!

  • ur an a******. get a life

  • YOU'RE an a******. Get rid of your own life so we don't have to listen to your whining!

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