I am sorry,but I hate you

I have had a nasty breakup with my first boyfrnd.It was hard to forget and move on.Somehow,I tried to forget him and entered into another relation.My second bf was a nice guy,but he kept forcing me to get involved physically with him.I am from an orthodox family and I am myself very conservative.I gave into him,fearing that he may leave me otherwise,but after sometime,it hit me,that our relation was based on physical needs only.I didnt have s** with him,but i confess,I did everything else,including foreplay.
later on,i fell in love with another guy,who was my first crush(not first bf)..somehow,I found that it was hard to continue this relation with my 2nd bf and i broke up with him.
I know that he was hurt,that i left him all of a sudden,but from my side,there was no emotional feelings for that relationship.
I am sorry for hurting him,but I couldnt help it either.I am afraid,I can never fall in love again,coz i am afraid that I may get hurt or hurt someone else again.

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  • FORGIVE YOURSELF..!! thats d ONLY WAY to move forward in life...
    do tat n things will automatically fall into place..u will actually fall in love,etc..

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