Very Messed Up

For the past 3 years I have been emailing back and forth with this guy. We know each other in everyday life and see each other every day but he doesn't know I am the girl he is emailing. He thinks he is emailing a younger and prettier girl who lives overseas. He tells me he loves me in the emails -- well, he loves HER. Only thing is...she is me...I am her. It's my personality and my words he sees in the emails. I want him to love me in real life too but I cant tell him that it's been me in the emails all along. I have tried to stop emailing him a few times but I always break down and do it. I know I am only hurting myself but I feel like I have a special connection with him as 'her' and I don't want to give that up.

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  • Stop for 2 reasons. One, its a lie, (you're a man, right?);
    two, if he finds out its you, he may do you physical harm.
    Quit while you're ahead, and stop mocking him, yourself, and God.

  • I am a woman.

  • Just tell him the truth, a lie hurt really bad, you may lose him.

  • Gee, dont be such a b****

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