Put up with you for so long why do I stay?

We have been together for 25 years and was not married. I raised your kids when you an your ex didn"t want to do you part for them. you are a good man but you have a problem. you was always on the computer looking at dating sites. you said they did not mean any thing and you would go along for 6 months and do it again. this went on for years because the kids where small and I had 2 kids also. I love you with all my heart . thab last year you try to contact someone off craiglist. I set you up and had a friend act like this person and text you. sure enough you texted her back wanting to meet. I should have left than, but I loved you so much. You have always put me last. I work, keep the house clean all I do is work and come home. I was not fat but lost wt. had a tummy tuck, breast in large thinking it would please you. I feel so alone all the time. when I try to talk to you about anything you get mad or act like you don't hear me. than time went on good for alittle while and than you lie and went to a function while I was out of town and did't come home. My gut knows you cheated on me than but I stay because I love you. I no longer trust you . yes we got married only because you know I will get half of all we have. I keep myself in good shape but I am tire of being put on end of your list. so to let you know I am finding me a standin for you. You will continue to pay the bills I will spend my check as I please as the saying goes what goes around comes around. I am 10 years younger and you will one day want me to stay home or do stuff with you but it is too late. I learn from the best YOU. so I hope you enjoy what I have plan cause I will no longer be sitting at home.

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