I have 2 boyfriends.

I know what your thinking "Two boyfriends? Your just a cheating s***." Well its not really what you think.

Ive been dating my boyfriend for over 9 months. But he doesn't have a s** drive what so ever. So after he went of to school, the first few months were fine.

He came to visit at Christmas time. And he had changed, he wasn't the same man I fell in love with. He was rude, and didn't give two s**** about me.

He left back to Uni, and I started talking to a friend that my friends know online. I haven't met him yet. But since my boyfriend never pays any attention to me and this guy really did, we never stopped talking.

What was friendly video chatting, Turned in to a relationship.

I told my current boyfriend that I wasn't moving to were his school was anymore, that I was moving some were else. He was fine with that, and told me that it would be a good idea to go our separate ways when after he left in September.

So the other guy did understand.

At first I was alright with that. But its gotten to the point were I just want to leave my current boyfriend and go with this guy I've never met.

The reason I don't just break up with him;
When he came into my life I was going through a really tough time. Then he came into my life and saved me.
After my parents met him, they knew he was different and had hope for me for once. He changed my life.
He means allot to me, but since he doesn't act the way he used to. Ive lost my hope for him.

But this other guy;
He makes me feel so great. Not to mention hes really attractive. He's the man of my dreams.

So I want to know what I should do..

I know what I'm doing is wrong. But my heart doesn't feel in the right place to just break up with him before the time we said we would.

Should I just suck it up and wait it out?


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  • It is what I think. You are a cheap s***.

  • OK, your relationship with the first boyfriend seems to be over by mutual agreement. So why do you still act as though there is still something there? The guy you've never met may or may not be as attractive as you think. Meet him and then decide. There are a lot of fakes who communicate online and seem perfect. Don't get your hopes up too high.

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