Train Training

A couple weeks ago, I was in the observation car on Amtrak. I had sun glasses on and pretended to be asleep. I had been reading literotica so I had a huge erection and tight slacks. Three little girls between 11-13, were running the isle and each time they went by, they would stop and gawk at my package. I turned on my screen video camera to secretly see thier expressions. They surely got an eyeful. Seeing is believing and I noticed that the oldest girl had to change cloths. I wonder why?

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  • ...sickfuck.....

  • First of all, this is probably fake. But if it isn't, I can pretty much assure that an 11-13 girl probably had no idea what was going on in your pants and everything was in your head. Its more likely that the 13 year old had to change because she got her period, or she got some new clothes she was excited about, or any number of reasons; not because you were doing anything for her.

  • You are a disgusting old perv. They are CHILDREN!! DoO you know what that word even means? People like you should be castrated ASAP, BEFORE they can do any damage to some poor innocent kid.

  • No more discusting than some of the p**** teasing camel toes you see in the mall. H***, kids are having babies at 13 now. Or is your head in the sand.

  • Contrary to what you think they were thinking..they thought you were the creepy pedo guy on the train.

  • you are f****** disgusting. those girls are children & either they didn't notice or they thought that you were a sick pervert. get yourself some help & put your nasty d*** away.

  • Maybe they were "gawking" at the creepy old guy that wouldn't stop leering at them. A CHILD of 11 to 13 years of age is not going to be aroused to the point that you are implying. What would she have needed to change her clothes for? Are you trying to say that she was so turned on by your perversion that she... I don't even want to say. If the idea of little children turns you on, you need to get help. Just knowing that you are getting a rise out of typing this is disgusting.

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