Guys are such pigs.

I needed to tell someone and this is the only place I could think of to do it.
My BFF and I went to mexico for a vacation, We were on the beach, A couple guys came up and started talking to us, We had some drinks, Supper, More drinks, Went skinny dipping and ended up back in our room with both of them.
We were drunk and having fun, It was all going good, We have obviously seen each other nude before so it was no big deal to show some skin and make out in front of each other. When things got a bit heavier she moved to the balcony and I got under the covers with the guy I was with, They ended up coming back inside and getting under the covers in her bed.
All was going well, Slightly awkward to be having s** in front of each other and both guys kept trying to do what guys do, Get us into bed together or at the very least pull the covers off so they could see what each other were doing. We both did our best not to look but honestly there were a few peeks here and there and the guys each got an eyeful by the end. After they finished my BFF and her guy watched for a minute until me and my guy finished and we all had a laugh about it then there was some snuggling and we all fell asleep.
At least I thought we all fell asleep, I was woken up some time later with him poking me from behind trying to get a second round, I thought "Ok, Whatever, Get it done", I let him start and he had me face down, I could hear that the other two were back in action so whatever, They were obviously timing it together and both rolled us onto our backs, Pulled out and...Yeah, I look up and there is the guy my friend was with the first time and he is coming all over my chest and neck, I look over and the guy I was with is doing the same to my friend.
When they finished they were laughing and joking, I was crying and my BFF was yelling at them because the guy she was with had gotten it on her face and in her hair, I was so upset and they got dressed and left laughing the whole time and calling us names then the first guy I was with grabbed his phone off the night table and the other one grabbed his off the chair at the foot of the bed, they said they recorded both times with each of us and we both started yelling at them to delete the video but they both just ran out the door.
We were both naked and had to clean up before we could get dressed and go looking for them but we never found them. It has been a couple months and I haven't seen the video anywhere but that doesn't mean it wont show up, If that happens I will be devastated, I can't believe they would do that and completely betray us both.

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  • How typical, chicks sucking up free drinks and hotel rooms and then whining when things don't go exactly as they have it visualised in their self centered little minds. You had already proven you were s****, why pretend to care whose willy was in you at any given moment? You weren't raped or robbed or kidnapped, you were just treated as the toys you are. Shut up and get over it.

  • You both are s****. Hope you don't ever have kids, you dont deserve to live on

  • Those guys are trash. What could and should have been a nice time with friends ended up a degenerate mess. That p*** move that they pulled on you was unforgivable and serves to show how disgusting men really are. (And ALL men are this f***** up, it's just that some hide it better.) It was disrespectful, to put it lightly. And to film you without permission is even worse. Those guys deserve a hard kick in the b****.

  • You let your hair down on VACATION!@$!@@
    Hopefully in years to come you and your girlfriend can look back an laugh, and enjoy your youth, and being filmed? Secretly? Not that uncommon just go and enjoy life!!!@

  • Me and my friend did the same thing to our GF's and it was awesome, He had never once told me she took it in the butt and when she reached back between her legs, Pulled me out of her p**** and she was the one who rubbed it on her butt hole I was about to lose my mind.
    I stuck it in her butt and did her like that while she fingered herself until we both came at he same time.
    My GF still won't do it and is kind of p***** I did it with her friend but whatever, My friend came in her and we thought she was pregnant because she was late but luckily she was just late from stress she says.
    They refuse to share a room now but some day it will happen again.

  • Honey its not difficult to understand that u are born to swallow c**

  • The odds you seeing or anyone you know seeing it on the net are next to zero among the literally millions of them out there.

  • Shut the h*** up woman.
    Get your fat ass back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich,and don't you dare give me any back chat.

  • Found the incel! Lol

  • Mmmm you dirty $lut!!!
    You loved it didn't you!! Dirty carnal pleasure mmmm you're nothing but cumdumpster

  • And the problem is?

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