I’m in a weird situation. I don’t know

I’m in a weird situation. I don’t know if I’m technically a paedophile – bear with me though as this isn’t as bad as it sounds.

I’m a 27-year-old man in a relationship with someone my own age, but I’ve been involved with a 16-year-old girl for the past seven months. She’s still at school, and she has a boyfriend. I haven’t actually had proper ‘full’ s** with her (penetration) but I’ve been sexually active with her in another way. She lives with her parents over the road from me and we’ve always been friendly. How this situation came about in the first place is something I can’t be bothered to explain right now, but I’ll explain where we’ve ended up at the moment.

This girl is very confident and self-assured for someone who’s almost seventeen. She’s an example of how girls mature more quickly than boys. She looks more like twenty.two. She’s beautiful in an unconventional way and her body is perfect – small b******, a great a***, flat tummy. Now, the thing is, she’s a bit of a minx; she’s not a loud, lary girl and she’s quite quiet, but this is different from being shy. Once you get to know her, her shyness kind of disappears. She lost her virginity at fourteen and, as I said, she’s nearly seventeen now. But as it turns out, her boyfriend doesn’t bring her to o*****.

This behaviour has turned into a kind of habit now. It’s been going on for about seven months. About every three weeks she pops over to my place; her parents think I’m helping her with her French as I’m a French teacher at a grammar school (not the same school that she attends). And I give her oral s**. I have never f***** her. I won’t say it isn’t frustrating but I take myself off to the bathroom and sort myself out in there, because she’s reluctant to let me penetrate her. I’m so h**** by this point that I’m practically ready to burst so I’d probably disappoint her by not lasting very long. I’m not complaining about the situation but I’m aware that it’s possibly a bit pervy and probably wrong and I don’t want to get into any trouble.

But it’s such fun! I know her responses by now and I can bring her off in two minutes or make it last for as long as twenty. IT TURNS ME ON SO MUCH to put my face between her legs. Because there are no strings attached, because I’ve won her trust over the months, and because her boyfriend doesn’t really satisfy her, she’s become more expressive as time has gone by. She rocks her hips, gets really wet and makes quite a bit of noise. Apologies if this is too much information. Her favourite method is to sit on me! For someone so young, she’s amazing – we both understand what’s going on.

I don’t love this girl and she doesn’t love me, but I love to ‘do’ her and she certainly loves to get her p**** licked. We are friends and there is affection and friendship but not love. This is not a pervert’s fantasy. It’s not wholly satisfactory for me because she won’t let me penetrate her. It is a real situation even though, yes, I know it’s unusual.

Is this behaviour immoral? Am I doing something really wrong?

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  • i know who she is and she is very much in love with you, you g******** b******!

  • as long as u don't have s** with her
    then I guess its fine.....

  • pedophile

  • If the girl is 16, she knows what she is doing. It seems like you are respectful of her wishes not to have actual s**, so why not continue? I usually do not advocate child-adult relations, but it seems like the girl knows what she is doing. I would suggest you tell her to break up with her boyfriend, because under NO circumstances is cheating okay.

  • It's wrong, illegal and dangerous. Maybe a few minors would grow up and say it was ok in retrospect, but many would not. You should stop, wait until she's 18 and then go from there. Good luck.

  • I am 24 and my man is 36. If we had met when I was 16, he would have been 28. And that would have been wrong in most people's eyes. But now everyone accepts it, since I'm an adult. I think the ahe of consent in most states is 16 too, right? Go for it if that's what the 2 of you want. Just be prepared to deal with other peoplefinding out though, because a 16 year old girls like to run their mouths to their friends.

  • When I was 15 I fell in love with a 40 yr. old married man. He was my "first" everything-boyfriend, true love, sexual partner. It was a very real, loving, caring relationship. He treated melike he adored me- better than any man I've been with since (I'm 34 now), & sometimes I wish I hadn't dumped him. He made me feel like a princess. I NEVER thought of him or our relationship as "perverted" or "child abuse". I was very much like the girl you describe-physically & mentally mature for her age. I don't regret a single thing about my experience, and have nothing but good feelings for the guy I loved. Take it from someone who knows where you're coming from-just because people may disapprove doesn't mean what you're doing is wrong. If you both are on the same page & both are enjoying being together, then more power to you!

  • she will 18 soon and then theres nothing that anyone can do about it... if she is willing and u are not forcing her then there is nothing wrong about it..

  • If she talks to a friend about it and then that friend talks and then word gets out, i could potentially lose my job (worst case scenario).

    In the meantime, it's awkward saying 'good morning' to her father when he's out cleaning the car.

    It's not normal, all things considered. I worry that one day the child protection team will turn up on my doorstep.

  • its fine i know if my bf couldnt bring me to o***** then i would definently go to someone who could lol and you sound perfect for her... have fun and no its not wrong!

  • Even if you don't love each other, if you at least care about each other as friends and it's not like you're abusing her, then it's fine.

  • umm id probalby say no. if she wants it?
    female view though.

  • Take a step back & think of it like this,
    "If you had a 16 year old daughter, would you want her performing sexual activities with a 27 year old French grammar teacher?"
    Didn't think so.

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