I judge fat people

I judge fat people when I see them eating fattening things. Cheesy fries with bacon and extra cheese? Three big macs? I can't help but judge them a little bit. Make better choices! You're worth it.

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  • I agree! I dislike fat people. Some have a medical situation and that is understandable. However with most fat people, it's there own fault. You see them eating fast food and such. It is just plain disgusting. And why the h*** there wear stretch pants is beyond me. If you want to wear skin tight cloths, lose 40 lbs and then think about those cloths. And their kids are fat too. You see their fat little kids eating a tray full of unhealthy food and washing it down with a huge soda. It should be considered endangering a minor! You are fat, disgusting, and no ones wants to see that or be near you. Have some respect for yourselves!!!

  • understandable. I'm slightly over weight and when I see skinny girls on diets I think "What the F**k? She most likely has an eating disorder. Gross... "
    Make better choices for your body. I's beautiful no matter the shape.

  • I like having s** with girls who are overweight. For some reason I find they are more enthusiastic and open to new things.

  • I can't blame you.

  • Ah, and you're perfect then? You don't have any bad habits or self-destructive impulses? Lucky you!

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