Society & My Generation

I can't understand what the h*** is wrong with this generation, all we do is judge people on what they look like and who they know. Everyone insults each other, talks behind each others backs, spread rumours. I know we cant be perfect but we need to have some decency. Treat others with respect, not judge people on what they look like, as in social groups (scene, preps, etc). I hate it when people say the skinny girl starves herself, or the fat kid eats too much. Maybe their just naturally like that, maybe its even caused because of a medical condition, maybe their poor. The point is why judge when you dont know the facts. Can't we just coexist peacefully and respectfully for once.

Apr 26, 2012

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  • I see society doubling down on this shallow junior high bullshit. It doesn't matter what kind of person you are as long as you have a tight bod and a social media presence, and don't tell me otherwise. Idiocracy wasn't a movie, it was a warning. And now we're not just there, but we're perpetuating it as hard as we possibly can.

  • *rolleyes* Yes, only your generation does this. Humans were sweet and kind and never talked s*** about other people before your generation. What is this obsession with generations?

    People have been like this forever, and teenagers are the worst at it. They talk s*** and manipulate each other just as much as adults do, but they're not sophisticated at it yet (that's one reason why you're so annoying).

    Get used to people being stupid and petty. We tell ourselves we're really decent people, but take a good look around. Too often dissing on the outliers (the skinny girl, the fat boy) is just the tip of the iceberg. And you wonder why school shootings happen?

  • There are a lot of people that feel like you. But then again there are much more people that only care about themselves and couldn't care less how other people feel. A lot of people judge other people but that's what makes those people that don't that much more special.

  • i couldn't agree more (can i hug you)

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