I hate him.

Today my neighbor lost part of her house and "extremely cherished things" because of me and my friend, we decided to ditch school today and hang at my house. It wasn't too long before he pulled out some weed and we smoked a few bowls. We were chillin in my garage when I saw I had hidden some firecrackers from last fourth of July in a box I was sitting on.. Knowing that my neighbor was an old hag who gets frustrated and p***** off at loud noises, we decided to pop off some of the firecrackers in front of her house. To make a long story short, the firecracker went straight through her front window. One fire truck later, a blaze of cops, four tickets and fines, and my dad who I live with and happens to be chief of the police department found put I ditched school and smoked a s*** ton of weed. After throwing my friend out of the house my dad told me for every firecracker he finds on me that illegal in the state, wins me a lick of the belt. Luckily for me he was only able to find six out of eighteen. Last time I checked that's a failing percent. However, Now my dad promised me boot camp over the summer and military school when I get back since "I can't seem to get myself in order." I realize what I did wasn't the smartest thing ever, but this is over kill. He just doesn't want any kids to deal with. What's even better is I actually do feel horrible for what I did. I just won't ever confess that to him. Not after all of this.

Apr 27, 2011

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  • Woah, crazy s***!! like how bad can you be in one day? Mean hahaha god.. Sorry you got your butt beat but com'on you probably deserved it, at least a little.

  • so. let me get this straight.

    you ditched school, smoked weed, lit off illegal firecrackers and burned down your neighbors house in one afternoon.. and you have the nerve to b**** now that your dad sent you to boot camp?

    you are a spoiled brat and deserve much worse.

    it's funny that you even have the nerve to complain

  • AGREED!! All these people giving sympathy for him? Wow. Stupid, I'm a teenager and if that was my kid-I'd spank the spoiled brat for smoking weed, firecrackers, burning a house down, everything- OP you should have been ballin your eyes out after that punishment, but your dad probably let you walk out after a couple if licks of the belt.

  • hahaha thats awesome...id run away. :D

  • Get over it dude, just because your old man spanked you with a belt I'd going to make you b****. Ha. Be man, take you punishment and go to military school. If you were my son, I'd spank the s*** out of you until you get it. disobediant brat, I f****** hate bullshitter kids like you. If I knew you, you wouldn't be smoking pot or cutting classes, sad sob.

  • I have been to juvie, but your probably right. I'm sure because of who he is saves me from going again. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. No, I'd rather kill myself than tell him how I feel. Before you know it he will try to get me counseling and medicated. F*** that. I rather take a thousand beatings then go to boot camp or military school. My friends are my family. And I mean I do decent in school. I get Cs and a few Bs, I cant wait until I'm 18. I would actually quit weed, it's really not that important to me, if I could just stay and be left alone. And I probably will amount to more than your f****** bitchass. Just saying, why not take your own advice and step out infront of traffic, and not only kill yourself but ruin somebody elses life because your too much of a f****** b**** to do it yourself.

  • You're lucky she wasn't killed. That would be a whole different set of circumstances. You may want to say how remorseful you are. Boot camps and military school aren't always the best places. Sounds like your dad just doesn't know how to deal with you. But if you talk with your dad, are you ready to start working to better yourself?

  • it is overkill. i had horrible stict mennonite parents. and for anyone to think that hitting their kid with a belt is ok, is actually very wrong. its not only nnecessarily physically painful but can cause deep psychological regressment and problems. its wrong. and the punishment afterwards with the bootcamp and whatnot is something i never had to endure, but smoking pot and an accident is nothing to deserve that.... that should be something that the student wants to do, not forced into. ridiculous. sucky story dude, good luck

  • even if you dont think spanking is wrong, spanking someone (not even a child anymore) who is this old is wrong. boot camp... eh-whatever, its summer soon. military school is a bit much. you have to remember, you did f*** up some s***..

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