Selfish wife?

I am mad at you for not being able to walk across a beam at work. When you were younger you cliff dived, bungee jumped and now when it come to supporting your family you freeze on the beam. I don't understand. This is a great job with good benefits, great pay and you are going to let it all go? You have jumped from job to job since I have known you and now with the help of a family member you have landed a good job and its going to go down the drain along with our plans of having a child and getting a nice home. I am mad at you!!!! I am mad at myself cause I can't be the supporting wife I need to be cause I'm watching our dreams crumb and that frustrates me. Am I being selfish cause I want a good life? I am not asking for the world, just a good life where bills can be paid we can provide for a family and be happy. Do you not want these things? You say you do but your actions speak differently. I feel sometimes you don't want to work. I have never told you that cause I try to support you in what you decide but that is how I really feel. Sometimes I want to just scream at you..... Work sucks but you're an adult you have to do it. You are not always going to like everything about your job but just do it anyway. Get over it. Take some of the s**t sometimes and get back to it. Damn why is it so hard for you?

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  • YOU tell him! Ugh, I've felt the exact way before. Life is hard. Suck it up and be an adult about it!

  • Very few people on THIS site have any room to be pointing fingers on issues like this. Being a grownup is beyond a lot of them.

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