My Self-Destructive Behavior.

I am happily married. My husband is strong, funny, hard-working, affectionate, smart, very handsome...everything a woman could want. And he loves me. Really really loves me.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day locked in a dark hotel room with a man who is not my husband. I'm not really sure why. Did I enjoy the s**? Absolutely. Was it worth feeling like I feel now? No. Not at all.

I have a large hickey on my neck. He came on my stomach three times and I still haven't showered. We held hands on the drive back to town. He told me he's in love with me. I said it back. It's not true.

Oh, and he has a wife and three kids.

I should be put down.

May 1, 2011

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  • Tell your husband you adore him but you need more. It is not all that unusual.

  • Take a f****** shower.

  • bahaha

  • Most people enjoy a change of scenery. Don't feel guilty. Experience is what makes us wise.I had s** with my wife's sister. It was fun and we had a good attitude. Noone was put down. We were both married to great spouses.

  • Cheating is terrible, and you should feel awful, there really is no excuse to lie to your husband. However, there are some people who just can't handle monogamy. Are you one of them? You may need to consider the fact that despite the love you feel for your husband, you may never be fully satisfied in a closed relationship. Bottom line, you need to figure out what it is you need to be happy, and you need to be honest with your husband. He may not be okay with it, and even if he was the fact you already lied and cheated may ruin the relationship, but you've got to be honest with him and yourself.

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