Someone help me....

For two years I was abused my by boyfriend. I finally got out of the toxic relationship and into a great one with a girl that really loves me (I'm an 18 year old pansexual) I really do love her and she loves me but I just want to end my life. I cut every night and have scars all over my body. I have a bottle of pills under my mattress and I'm thinking about doing it tonight....

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  • Know people will thing negatively of me for this...but when you're feeling really low use your blade to keep you going. I know at least in all my years contemplating and planning on taking my own life cutting was the only thing that kept me from going completely over the edge.
    Have you spoke to her about how you have been feeling? The news might not be great but she'll probably be there to support you
    There are always ups and downs in life, and if you end it at a down you won't be able to be happy. Even though I've personally been down for years there still are a few moments that make me feel that this useless journey might actually have a purpose.
    If you are reading this then you should know that you are an incredibly strong person even if you don't see it. Keep fighting, and maybe one day you'll receive the happiness you deserve <3

  • Don't, you have someone who loves you and I know she will never want to hold your lifeless body in her arms knowing that you killed yourself and she couldn't do anything about it. That will scar her for the rest of her life. Be there with and for each other, let her into your life, let her help you. Most importantly, allow yourself to be loved. Allow yourself to love yourself, heck, just don't kill yourself. I hope you are here and still get to read this.

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