I live with my fiance and our friend. Lately my relationship with my fiance has been going down-hill but my relationship with my roommate has made a very steep climb. So much so that now he's taking me places and I'm not even inviting my fiance to go along(he wouldn't want to anyway, he likes to stay home). I feel terrible because of this, but at the same time I feel good and I just don't know why

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  • I am a guy, and I sincerely think that relationships with men and women are pretty mediocre. That is why, I've chosen to be single forever and I don't regret it. You should tell him what you have done, because the poor guy trusts you, and by doing this you are making it worse.

  • You are a b****. Your boyfriend trusts you. What you are doing is breaking his trust. You don't deserve him. Leave him if you want to become a s***.

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