I don't know if I can be happy for you.

It's been exactly one month since I broke up with you. I don't regret my decision, and I'm glad that we're on friendly terms, but you started looking for a new girlfriend less that a week after we split, and we were together for over two years. You haven't had much luck, but with every new Facebook friend, I wonder, is she going to be the one to replace me? I want you to heal from this and go on to live a great life, but if you find a new girlfriend tomorrow, I don't know if I'm ready to be happy for you. And I wonder, will things change between us? Will you decide to ignore me? Will we still be able to spend time together, like we did last weekend?

Ultimately, I wish the best for both of us, but the fact that you were able to stop loving me so quickly still hurts. I'm sorry.


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  • I am male, married and in college (a real university with real parties and real college girls) and my wife works days and goes to school online. Being honest, there have been times that I have f****** hated her guts and seriously pondered how my life would be different if I weren't with her. I've realized that without her in my life, I would have a completely different set of friends and a lot more girl friends for sure. Not that I want anything from them, we're just friends. In fact, it's very hard for me to have a friend of the opposite s** because I am married. I feel bad about it for no good reason, only because they're female. I wouldn't worry too much about him. He hasn't found someone yet because he still wants you... he's just looking for you in someone else.

  • Sure, you should expect better from the people you dump. They should have long, excruciating agony as they light candles in front of your image and weep each night. They should be unable to eat or think. The last thing they should be doing is moving on with their life. The a*******.

  • Please have consideration for others when commenting.

    Good job with that one. I know, I'm not being very nice either but the person I'm attacking isn't the one opening up to all of cyberspace.

  • If that came from the original poster then you need to realize you probably broke the guy's heart. You yanked it from his chest and ground it into the dirt with your spiked heel. Then, you watch his every move to see if he might become interested in some other girl. How dare he!!! You want respectful mourning for the relationship you so coldly ended. You are a self-absorbed, wicked, selfish coont. Or, you made a big mistake. If you still want him, tell him so and maybe he'll take you back. Otherwise, let him cope with the pain you have inflicted on him in whatever way works best for him He owes you nothing.

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