Cant let it go

So i talked a guy into leaving his pregnant girlfriend and move to California to be with me. The girl had the baby he went back and stayed with her. But i just cant leave him alone. I want him back. I do everything I can to get between the two of them. I even asked him to take the baby away from his girl so i can raise it with him. I'll do anything to be with him. How do i get him back???



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  • If you CAN'T let him go, that's life telling you that you SHOULDN'T let him go. Do whatever it takes to drive a wedge between them and convince him that you'd be a much better mother to the baby than she would.

  • Step One: Get off your birth control, starting today. Today! Step Two: About a month from now, go back to where they are and stay for a few days, maybe a week. Step Three: See him in secret, and don't let the girlfriend know you're in town. You know he won't be able to resist you once you're right there with him, so . . . Step Four: Seduce him. Repeatedly. Several times each day you're there. Yes, several times each day. You want to get as much of his seed in you as possible, after you've been off your birth control for at least a month. Step Five: Wait four to six weeks and then take a pregnancy test; first, one of the drug store variety, then at your ob-gyn's office, to make it clear and official. Step Six: Call him and tell him the wonderful news, then call her and tell her the same and then laugh while you listen to her cry. LOL! Tell them both that he belongs to you now and their relationship is over. Step Seven: If he didn't knock you up, then stay off your birth control and start f****** three or four guys where you live and do that for like maybe a month, and then go back to where they are and f*** him just as much as before. This time, at least one of the guys will have knocked you up, perhaps even your boyfriend, so when you get home and redo the testing, you actually will be pregnant and he may even be the father. It won't matter, though, because by the time anybody does DNA on the baby, your boyfriend will be back living with you, and that horribly dirty w**** he's living with now will just be a distant memory. The main thing for you to do is to start thinking of this guy as already being yours, and not hers. You know that's true, but he and she don't know it . . . yet. You have to do what it takes to get him and their child away from her: she can't take care of either one of them like you can, and she can't love either one of them like you will. Get to work. Start now!

  • There's nothing wrong with what you want, or what you've done. You're in love, so all is fair. If you want him and the baby, GO GET THEM! Stop wasting time! Do it now! You know -- YOU KNOW -- you can take him away from her, so just do it. She doesn't deserve him, does she? YOU deserve to have him, and so you should stop p****** away your life and go get your man. YOUR MAN AND YOUR BABY!

  • You're as f****** stupid as the crazy f****** tart that started this post? The guy obviously values family more than this tramp, he should stick with the kid & the mother of his child. It's not this tramp's baby, it's the other woman's, the woman who hasn't done wrong. You and the OP are f****** thick pieces of s*** for suggesting such stupid things and then encouraging it. HE'S NOT HER MAN NOR IS IT HER BABY,

  • Serves u right 4 tryin 2 deprive a baby's father frm him. Leave thm alone,hw would u have felt if it ws u? U c karma is a b****

  • You're f***** up. Like a proper f****** freak. You need to move on and not break a family up. You f****** mong.

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