My wife is having an affair

I know my wife is having an affair since last summer, but I pretend I didn't notice. She is just too young for me, and what I could do 20 years ago I can't do now anymore. I love her, and imagining her in bed with someone else makes me sick, but I am happy for her at least. Our love making last less and less every month, but she seems to be happy with what I offer and never asks for more. Now I know why. We met this man at the church, he was with his wife, a very nice woman; I have no clue when and how he and my wife clicked. They must have read each other's eyes, I guess. It's amazing how easy women can lie. She comes home and tells me how busy she was at work, how she stopped by the mall to buy something for the summer, or for the winter, and so on, looking into my eyes without blinking. And I know she stopped actually by a Holiday Inn less than a mile away from our house, where I saw her and his car on several occasions. She used her iPhone for text messages with him, probably trusting my honesty, but when you have a 40 yrs old wife who still looks damn good, and you are almost 65, you can't trust her that much anymore. At least I found this place to tell it to someone!

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  • I am definitely one who can vouch for that. I’ve discussed this with my wife who is 9 years younger. She still has a hot body that grabs attention especially her nice t***. During s** I found roleplay helps me get hard and one day she finally asked me if it was what I really wanted.
    At first I said yes then after discussing she admitted there was a much younger guy that found my wife attractive and was always trying to strike up a conversation with her. She said he’s definitely cute and tall and doesn’t appear to be a j***. So we started roleplaying him in bed. Before you know she tells me he suggested going out for a few drinks. I happily encouraged her to go and give me all the details. That first night she gave him oral s** in her car then they made it to the backseat where they had s** and finished off outside her car. She told me he was way better than she had expected and it was good again to feel a very hard bigger c*** inside of her. I now let them meet up wherever possible location they are willing. Believe it or not it beats her cheating on me with all the guys at her work trying desperately to f*** her

  • Older men who marry younger women have to know that she will need other men for s**. It is normal. I accept that my wife has had several other men since we got married. My problem is she is not discrete and our friends know and have told me she is cheating. I know my boss has f***** her and a neighbor too. Humiliating but nothing I can do about it now.

    She has discovered black men too and it would not surprise me if she has a reverse tubular ligation and get pregnant. I understand black men love to knock up white married women. I may wind up paying to raise a black baby.

    Oh well, I can afford it. Such is life.

  • So soon harry and meghan already at it. I knew she would be. i knew it.

  • How-to-know-if-wife-is-having-an-affair

  • my wife is about to cheat but doesn't know I know it ( she leaves her FB chat on her iphone which i came across a while ago). This Wednesday, when I am out of town she is going to his place for the first time.
    I am going to let her do it, to see if she does. If she does, I will bide my time till my youngest graduates, but will indulge in escorts when I am in cities with no guilt what so ever! Once I find a nicer person, I will dump her ass with proof that she cheated.
    ps, I have supported this woman through depression, done most of the child rearing, house work and cooking. I work 50 +hours a week as a CEO but have no male friends or social life outside of my wife's friends. She goes out, I stay home.
    From her FB chats she seems to think i am inadequately endowed ( she has a size queen best friend) and wants to try something bigger. I know I am average which I am fine with because I am above average in the IQ department and I apply it to love making which is why we need to wash our sheets ( not because of me) after our weekly sessions.
    I know I should intervene, but f her if she cheats, then I will do what's best for my boys and for me.
    I will be vendictive because she put me through h*** the first 15 years of marriage.

  • Why wait to leave? Time is your most valuable asset. Using it to stay with someone you have already left in your mind seems like a waist. I understand children need stability to concentrate on their studies, but I am sure they can see your lack of interest in their mother. It might be worthwhile to have a therapist help you out here. Betrayal is a hard pill to swallow, STDs are different situation, but your child(ren) will eventually see something is not right. I wish you the best.

  • Don't worry I have seen many cases like you. she might be doing this just for s** as you say you love her honestly sooner or later she will realize what she does is not forget that every person in this world is a combination of good and bad.

  • You are right, and it would be easier to accept it if I knew it's just s**. Unfortunately we all know what we used to do with a married woman in a hotel room, where all inhibitions disppeared, and where she accepted pretty much all kinds of fantasies. In such situations a woman does things that she would never do with her husband in a million years. I'm not a child, and I have a good idea about her most pervert experiences during such meetings - believe me, the shower I know she's taking at the hotel after that is not even closely enough.

  • Wait a minute you used to sleep with a married woman?
    F*** you!!!
    My ex wife was seduced by this d-bag but don't worry karma eventually got him she cheated on him

  • That's love.

  • Years ago I was her advisor in graduate studies. After she completed her degree we started dating. As simple as this. Thanks for the post.

  • I don't know. It sounds like you've given up on be a happy presence in her live. You seem disinterested in s**, for one thing. And you just sound like you have succumbed to old age when you really aren't THAT old. You've caught her, for sure. Now it's up to you. You can tell her you know but still enjoy living with her so she can stop lying and continue the affair. You can put your foot down, never trust her again and live miserably or you can leave her. One thought is to roll with it, if you can handle it. Have her describe what the guy does to her sexually. Ask her not to let him know that you know. Have her hook up with him at your house and watch. It might get your engine firing again. Good luck.

  • Weird, but thanks :)

  • :( I don't know what to say.. I'm too young to give you a solution, but I'll try to help you...

    You say you love her, but at the same time you're miserable.. And in my opinion living a miserable life with someone who obviously doesn't care about you is a waste.. I suggest to imagine how your life will be if you remain with her without at least confronting her about it... if you think this is what you want fine.. you can always cheat on her as well I guess... But its just sad that you subject yourself to a situation that you dont deserve.. If she is unhappy she should be upfront about it not w**** around behind your back... You only have a life and just because you lived with her for years doesn't mean you have to put up with all this crap.. I know you probably wont, but the rational thing to do is dumping her ass..If not, cheat on her as well just to feel equal...

    I'm really sorry by the way =( you dont even deserve it because you sound nice and all...she's a b****...

  • He's a 65 years old man who can't satisfy his younger wife who wants to cheat with him?

  • Thanks

  • "How easy women can lie"
    Well the man she cheated with is a married man,perhaps she eventually would ask how easy men can lie..

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