My boyfriend thinks he is psychic. He

My boyfriend thinks he is psychic. He thinks he talks to god and the devil. He thinks he can read minds and know all the bad things about people just from looking at them. He told me he has killed people with his mind.
He's completely insane right?
The only time he sounds crazy is when he says this stuff. The rest of the time he goes to work, plays video games like any other guy, fixes stuff around the house. He seems completely normal, but every once in a while he starts talking and I think I'm in love with some sort of schizo. He's either delusional or what? I dont know. How can he act so normal the rest of the time and only be crazy sometimes?

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  • Men are all liars pretty much, he's just messing with you

  • leave him. NOW

  • I do not lnow who is more crazy. The weird mind-reading boyfriend, or you for staying with his crazy ass!

  • uuuuuuummmmmmmm no he's just a crazy stupid f***.....

    run now !!!!!!

  • Ask him what next weeks lotto is and then let us know.

  • These symptoms are definitely clinical indicators of schizophrenia. Talk to him about it when he is not behaving crazily. If he doesn't believe you about it, tape him and play it back to him. But get him to a psychiatrist as soon as possible!

  • Double personality? Bipolar?

  • Leave this guy now! There are lots of seemingly normal crazy people out there. Haven't you ever seen "A Beautiful mind"? That guy had a wife, a kid, a job... and also lived an entire secret life that never really happened.

  • because he's psycho, not psychic! get out asap

  • Hahaha, good point!

  • if it was true. he'd know what your thinking...

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