Its strange

But I want to get naked with my sister and just shower together or do something normal. Nothing sexual, I'm just comfortable around her and I think it would be quite bonding to feel comfortable in our most vulnerable form. She's very attractively built, but I say that in a non-sexual way. I feel that once we reach that point we'll have a much stronger bond.
Nothing I'll ever act on of course, but still, its just a thought.

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  • My hot older sister used to go topless or naked around me all the time, until encouraging me to do the same with her. Was great. She had (still does) an amazing body, fit, firm legs, well-trimmed mound, and simply marvelous t***. We'd have lunch or dinner, watch tv, sometimes take showers together..And it was all good.. Just really enjoyed being naked together.

  • The incestual tendencies of so many people is really bizzare. Using a sibiling as sexual stimulation isn't normal...

  • I walked in on my sister one time after she showered. She was bare naked and I saw everything. After that she got really mad. Then she lightened up and confronted me about it, asking what i saw and if I was just curious. She said I just had to ask, so I did, and she showed me her t*** and c*** and butt and I got to touch them a little. Then she said I had to take out my d*** and show her because it was fair, so I did.
    We didn't do anything but it was weird having my sister touch my b**** and d***. I definitely jacked off to it later :p

  • I have had a similar experience. My sister was year older than me but we were really close. We used to take baths together when we were younger. Even when I was 16 and she was 17, we used to take showers together occasionally when our parents were gone. It was fun because we were close. We used to wash each other. She never minded me washing her v*****, b****** and butt and she used to wash my d***. She was a really attractive girl, very fit. I always got an erection and she just laughed.
    For a while it got out of hand though, and the washing started turning into an excuse for feeling eachother. We were teens and our hormones were out of wack and we wanted to experiment. A few occasions she would let me rub her v***** when i washed her and she would j*** me off and rub my b**** while she washed me. One time she said that she wanted me to finger her just to know the feeling of an o*****. I did it hesitantly. After I finished she started giving me a b*******, and she wanted me to c** on her back. I ended up coming on her butt and she leaned back on me and held me. I felt a little uncomfortable after that, but we still showered occasionally till she went off to college, but never going to that extent.
    I've wanted to bring it up to her, but its been almost 3 years and I'm not sure if I should. We still are close though, but I don't know what to do.

  • Ya seriously, grow the f*** up kid. I know you're a kid because no adult would write this (I f****** hope!)

  • Way too many people on this site want to touch their sisters. Kind of a warped idea man. but who am I to say anything.


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