Belly button fetish

I have gad a belly button fetish for as long as i can remember an have always loved the sight of guys belly buttons. I’ve always loved to wear belly shirts/crop tops. Anything thats shows off my belly button. Mine is a pierced small round innie with a super tan skinny belly. I begged my parents till they let me get it pierced at 13. I also love to wear belly chains an long dangling belly rings. I’m 30 now and have a small fancy sun tattoo around around my navel to attract more attention to it. I love it when i catch a hot guy staring at my bellybutton while I’m out an about. My bellybutton is showing 365 days a year. I don't think i will ever stop showing my bellybutton lol. Anyone else love bellybuttons as much as i do?

Apr 1

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