Am I less of woman or an adult for not having children?

That's how people make me feel at times. I am not even 30 yet. And some of my friends and family members, make me feel like such an outsider for not having kids, or being married.

I am fine with the decisions I've taken in my life, so why can't people (more like some friends and family members) can't be happy for me.

One of my divorced friends even says "you see, at least I got the kids out of it." Like if somehow I wanted her situation, no offense, but I am OK.

So just CHILL people!

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  • Why wouldn't you want to fulfill your purpose as a woman in this earth?

  • I really hope that was sarcasm. And if it wasn't - I really hope YOU don't fulfill your purpose on this earth and reproduce- the less out there like you, the better.

  • I think they are all just too jealous for words! Don't let them get to you! You have your freedom and can do ANYTHING you want..... married with children cannot.G*** luck to you!

  • Heck no it doesn't make you less of a woman. Kids are wonderful, but they are not for everyone. Your friends are jerks (maybe they are a wee bit jealous of the freedom you have too).

  • Sounds like you are enjoying a happy life, except for the insensitive people who think it's important that you breed. The world has plenty of people, too many in fact. You're cool. Contribute to society in any way you can, be a good person and go through the breeding motions on a regular basis and all will be fine.

  • If you're ok with it then ignore what everyone else says. It is your life not theirs. Sounds like they are the unhappy ones, not you.

  • No- you are not. We all have a role to play in life and not everyone is cut out to be Ward and/or June Cleaver.

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