My parents are forcing me to marry

I'm 19 years-old and my parents introduced me to this guy named Erik. He's 34 years-old and he's a lawyer who is very wealthy. After a month, he won over my parents and my mother informed me that Erik wants to marry me. I told her no but she says she'll disown me if I don't do marry him, even my dad agrees with her; she also pointed out that I've never had a boyfriend before so there's no point on waiting for nothing. I agreed and my family has already made plans: buying me a wedding dress, going to churches and hotels for the reception, and Erik bought the rings.
I don't want to marry him at all. The date is August 27 and I don't know what to do. I won't turn suicidal or anything but every time I tell my parents that I don't want to do this they tell me I'm foolish not to marry this guy.

My parents will disown me if I don't do this but I can't do it.

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  • Yes, marry Erik. He's probably a massive loser if he needs some girl's parents to arrange his marriage. Marry him, tell him you are not at all bothered by his tiny c*** and always be alert for chances to f*** other guys. F*** them in your bed without a condom. Leave the j*** on the sheets. Have s** with him while your lover's s**** is still fresh in your cooch. Have as many affairs as you possibly can. When he catches you tell him you never really wanted to marry him anyway. Tell your parents about his little d***. Everything will be fine then.

  • If you don't want to marry him, then don't!
    Sooner or later they will come around. Better for you to be happy than to marry someone you do not love. You can always move out of your parents home. Good Luck!

  • he sounds like a winner. i only wish more parents would be wise enough to marry off their daughters to rich men they barely know.

    i say do a runner. at 19 you should be able to work and support yourself. you dont need these people.

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