Good wife turned bad by hubby

I am Heather and I'm 27 yrs old with 2 kids and a husband. I don't have much time I have to get my kids up for school so I'll make it short and sweet. I married this man at 17 yrs old and loved him dearly. I still love him dearly but things have changed and it's his fault. My husband has developed a gambling addiction that started off innocent enough that it didn't effect us that much but it has gotten out control to the point that he would bet of games he called "sure things" and over extended himself and he couldn't cover the losses. It was a good bit of money and my dad helped us the first time but my husband keep gambling and I wasn't going ask my dad again,it wasn't his problem,plus my dad worked hard for that money to be giving it away for such stupid stuff. Omg,there is soo much to this story that I don't have time for but I just had to vent it somewhere. My husband was beaten up by his bookie's muscle and he couldn't work for a few weeks because of it so I go to intervene in hopes of more time but this bookie wasn't willing to negotiate and wasn't willing to let me leave either. Talk about scared I was petrified. I told him I had to go to work but tells me I'm not going anywhere until he gets his money. When I tell him we don't have his money he walks up behind me tells me that I'm such a beautiful woman with an amazing body that he's sure we can work something out so he don't have to f*** up my pretty face. He unzips my nursing frock and it hits the floor and he pulls down my hosen bends me over this saw horse and penetrates me. It was the first time anyone other that my husband's d*** was inside me. I was embarrassed as his two goons (more than likely the same guys that beat my husband up) were across the room watched him sexually assaulting me. I tried my hardest not to o***** but eventually I did just before he did. I felt horrible and couldn't wait to leave but he pushes me back down and says we're not done yet and has his goons assault me as well. Finally he allows me to go but not before letting me know this incident was the interest on the money that he still wanted his money. I tell him yes sir and given a week to get it I get to work very late,take a shower use an enima to flush out these guys s**** and grab another uniform and pull two shifts before going home. I try to act normal but my husband notices I'm quieter than normal and I brush him off with the "I'm just tired routine." I was doing fine until I woke up in crying fit than I couldn't control that wakes him up. I reach the front porch when he catches up to me and he's h*** bent on finding out what's going on and when I refuse to answer he accuses me of cheating on him,which I deny. He goes on this tantrum of how he knows my w**** ass is seeing another man. I curse him out still denying it. He calms down tells me he'll kill me if I have been with another man so I don't tell him what happened. I refuse to asked my dad for another dollar so I have to take the chance to go back to this guy before my husband finds out they assaulted me and I didn't tell him and just like before I beg this guy for mercy and more time and once again no mercy just more of the same only this I had to perform oral on these guys then let them have s** with me all the while they were very derogatory to me telling me what a s*** I was. Then I got my husband an extension for another week and this went on for two months like clock work until he had done every dirty thing he could do to me and then demanded his money the next week or else. I told my husband these guys came to me wanting their money or else that's when my heart just dropped because my husband neglected to tell me that this bookie gave him three months to come up with the money. I was furious with my husband but more so I was furious with this a****** of a bookie for taking advantage of my ignorance of not knowing. Well we had another month to go and after trying to get a third mortgage on our house that did not go through,we were in such big trouble. Time was running out and I didn't want to go back to see this guy but I had to for two reasons. The first was to confront him about the deceitful way he took advantage of me and the second reason might be sick but it's true but at some point I started enjoying the s** and nasty things I was told to do. I married my first love and thought I was happy,content and satisfied but I guess I wasn't because I would look forward to all of it. Omg,I feel soo alive confessing this for the first time to anyone. My husband would tell me each week not to worry he had it under control and he did. I should have asked more questions but I thought he was just trying to ease my mind that's why when they beat him to a pulp I felt I had to try to intervene. My husband got the money to payoff his debt from his sister,who was waiting to close out some sort of IRA or something so I let these guys use me over and over again for no reason at all. I don't feel guilty at all.

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  • Any updates on recent activity?

  • This is Heather again. I have been tormented too long and I wasn't going seek s** outside my marriage again but I'm ready to explode marriage be damned if I get caught. I want something,I need something to keep me sane. I am not the same person I was before all this and I can't help but wonder just what happened to change me in such a way that all I think about is s**,s**,s**. I am constantly watching p*** and everything I say has some kind of sexual overtone to it. I am flirting with everybody I see including my best friend's b/f and other friend's husbands. My co-workers have noticed the change and that's probably because I work soo much and are around them most. I do have a colleague doctor that is always returning sexual advances back to me and I'm sure it's going happen between us and I hoping I can just have my escapades and return home to my family and everyone's happy but no matter if I get caught up with or not I'm determined to pursue my sexual fantasies and desires come what may. I can't live as sexually frustrated and deprived as I've been,living like this is too much and my husband has no desire to change to meet my needs and thinks my nymphomania will pass but it has not,it's only progressed and now I'm willing to make my own changes and hope I can do it under the radar so I don't get caught but willing to risk it all to be fulfilled. Yaw have been great listeners and thanks for letting me vent to yaw. GOD BLESS.

  • I have an 8in fat c*** waiting to f*** you juicy s*** c***

  • I have fantasies of guys all the time so maybe

  • Where you from, my 8in fat c*** is hard for you

  • Have you been back to see them since the debt has been cleared?

  • No I haven't and our s** life is truly boring these days.

  • Awww I'm sorry to hear that. :(

  • You shouldn't feel guilty. You were just doing whatever you could to help save your husband.
    Only question is, now that the debt is payed off, how are you gonna keep getting off like this? I mean you say you enjoyed it, and there's absolutely no shame in that! But I'm guessing now you'll be a little bored with just plane old regular s** with your husband...

  • I know and I don't feel guilty at all. I'm kinda glad my husband got into trouble with his gambling. It turned out to be an pleasureful adventure one I'll probably never experience again. That's sad.

  • Where do you guys live?

  • Patterson,Ga

  • You sound like you love the multiple partners etc,,,well some so. It is really your husbands fault that he put you into this position. Now you can have your own addiction, his is gambling and yours is s**. You both can have fun.

  • I'm not sure it was the multiple partners that I loved soo much or just the way they treated me that I miss. I don't know how this diabolical person was locked up inside of me without me feeling it. I did nasty things I never knew anything about and eventually enjoyed doing it.

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