Toe fun

I have a secret desire to lick girls feet and suck on their toes while i pleasure myself... just about every bare foot ... or in flip flops turns me on...especially if they have painted toes, and i get so excited seeing them....and they make me want to .... off..i even paint my toes some times..and i wear a toe ring...

Jun 15, 2011

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  • It's not accepted as normal in modern society, but it's one of the most comment closet-fetishes lmao. I'm pretty sure more than one third of the men in this world have some form of foot, hose, or shoe fetish. In fact, foot fetishing was a big reason for foot binding in China (whether they admit it or not lmao). Men saw it as "cute", and the smaller their wives feet were the prouder they'd be and show off. Eh.. as long as you're not into the idea of being crushed to literal b***** death or some sick s***.. then whatever. Like what you like, I guess.

  • **common, not comment. my bad!

  • I like feet too, but 'toe fun'? you're a freak.

  • I'd rather lick her f****.

  • Not uncommon at all, I assure you. Also, you shouldn't be scared to tell people that you're dating about it. Some women are really into that or at least willing to indulge it.

  • I wish my boyfriend would lick and suck my toes.. =(

  • VERY common...I have dated 2 guys with this fetish, and it's really not that big of a deal, as long as it doesn't involve having a crush fetish, which can be illegal. One of the guys asked me to step on (in platform heels) a baby mouse, so I had to draw the line.

  • Bro.. i am with you.. i like them too sometimes.. h*** to all those a**** who have condemned of you saying what u wanted to.. y was nail paint discovered in the first place.. y the f*** do women show off their feet.. this is how the society is designed.. men are designed to lure men in the ugliest and the most meanest possible ways.. just hump them and carry some ..well who actually deserve.. and hump the rest..well they deserve that.. u'll evolve as the unchanged man of all times.. with u bro.. count on me..

  • HEY, thats super mean!!!!!!!!! If thats what they likes then thats there choice. Lay off!!!!!!!!


  • your pathatic
    pravert ditch>.....

    suck the hair out of someones ass.......

  • Suck and suck some more. you are a long way from aids. In Europe this is oh so normal. don't get stressy about it.

    We're all weird in all sorts of ways - look at Palin!

  • Foot fetish is a pretty common fetish. It will never go away and you will always desire it. YOu should be honest with your significant other about this, this is pretty boring when it comes to fetish. If someone loves you you should be able to accomodate each other. Just remember, that there is a whole person there and not just a foot and try to make that person happy as well. Also if you are just looking for s** there are plenty of websites that cater to fetishes like these. Good luck!

  • Wow.... I wouldn't admit that to anyone..... That is some twisted ass s*** buddy..... Twisted as f***

  • mad about toes lol......

  • You sick m***********.

  • You have a foot fetish. It's not uncommon.

  • You dirty b******.

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