My Feet Fetish

I want a girl to trample my nuts. For them to cut a hole in a floor board. Then I get naked and put my nuts through that hole. Then they wiggle their toes on my nuts. Also I want a girl to stand on me. For an example, I'm laying on the floor by the counter. My mom stands on me and wiggle her toes on me. I don't have my shirt on. She also stands on my neck with her right foot and hovers her left foot over my mouth. She's Bare Foot. I lick her toes. I would love for a sexy girl to do that to me Contact if will do that to me
PS: I only want sexy girls to do that to me.

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  • This started out as a confession but then became a singles advert.

  • Good luck.

    I'm a submissive male. My wife will at times kick me in the b**** just to make me feel pain.

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