I want to try marijuana...
I'm clinically depressed...And all I want to feel happy again.
Any have facts on how marijuana makes you feel?
I need facts...

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  • This is coming a bit late, but better late than never for other readers. I am cannabis user and have been using for roughly 20 years for depression. Although it was largely a substance for entertainment I realised that it also helped me with my acute depression symptoms. It can help to stop the re-occurring negative thoughts that typify depression. On the other hand, it can also lead to paranoia. Also, it's not a depressant; it's technically a hallucinogen. If you are to try cannabis, there are a few things you need to consider if you aren't very experienced with the substance. 1) THC, not CBD. Different strains have different levels of these compounds. CBD is great if you have physical ailments related to inflammation, but does little for the mind directly. THC is the hallucinogenic substance that can help. 2) Save your lungs; don't smoke. You can vapourize, or eat it in various ways. To have dosage control use a tincture or food. 3) Dosage (if eating) should start around 10mg (wait an hour afterwards). Try that out to see how you feel. 4) use a reputable processor, not just some random dude selling on the street. The processor should use a devise that can accurately measure THC levels. 5) Use a real doctor to track what you are doing. Objective 3rd party can be important in order to avoid hurting yourself unknowingly. 6) Don't operate machinery or drive while intoxicated. When you are inexperienced you don't know how you'll behave behind a wheel.

  • I agree to the post above. See your doctor and tell him or her that you need some help for your depression and they will put you on meds or will get you to see a counsellor or something. I have been depressed myself and trust me things will get better. Keep praying and see your doctor.

  • Try talking to your minister or parents about it. There is such things as anti-depressants perscribed to you by a certified medical doctor. Try setting up an appointment or something at a local doctor's office or even a city clinic. Stay away from drugs. They only cause harm to you in the long run.

  • Marijuana also can make you feel paranoid. Aside from anti-depressant drugs can't diet, exercise and sleep help a little bit?

  • Marijuana is a depressant, so if you're clinically depressed it will only make it worse.

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