Becoming a drug dealer by necessity

I'm a 32 year old real estate professional who is slowly but surely becoming a drug dealer.
Amidst the market tanking and my income diminishing, I was hit with the news that my wife has Lyme disease. The treatment is costing thousands per month, most of which isn't covered by insurance. We're house poor and deep in student loan debt. To make ends meet, I began cultivating marijuana in my attic and selling the product to a couple of friends with connections.
Business has been picking up, owing to the quality of my product. I still work 9-5 every day in real estate, but most of our income now comes from marijuana. The security we've gained from the drug money, coupled with the insecurity of knowing that I could be caught is a dichotomy that keeps me awake at night.
I sell high quantities to only 3 people so my risk is low, but, nonetheless, my title remains the same. I have a business degree from a top-20 undergrad, years of blood and sweat trying desperately to be successful, but my situation is such that fast money is imperative to keeping my wife in treatment, and the mortgage paid.
I wish I wasn't selling marijuana, but at this point I do not see a viable alternative.
Walter White, I know how you feel.

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  • Understood. Hot, beautiful business friend, also a Realtor, encountered some tough times along with the lousy market, so, on the side..And only to those who know, "escorts" herself out to men for money. Started off doing a favor for a business group guy and going to some family thing with him, word got around to a certain few people that, hey, Lissa will go to things with you and act like your girlfriend, then guys offering her cash to do so. S** is normally not part of the deal, but, does happen.

    I've used her a few times, as arm candy for my own business and family functions. Works well for business, as she does herself up and people flock to her. Fun thing is her girlfriend role, where she'll wrap her arms around me (or, I m guessing, whichever guy is paying her), talk me up, pose for photos..

    I don't blame her one bit; She needs the cash, is gorgeous, and using what she has..

  • The universe knows you are doing it for the right reasons bud! God bless

  • Do what you have to do to take care of her. Good heart.

  • Youll be right mate if its only 3 suppliers.
    Got any hash?

  • So why the f*** are you selling real estate?

  • we do what we have to. be careful and i hope it all works out for you. plus i dig the walter white reference

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