I'm a Failure

How am I going to tell my family that the one person in the family who was thought to go through all the way in college isn't? I got kicked out of college from my poor grades and they all think I'm going back in August. The classes are so damn hard, I try and try but it's not good enough. My parents will kill me, they wasted a lot of money for me to go, they thought I'd be the other child to get a degree (other than my older sister)and I f***** it up.

I hate college but I want to continue so bad. There's no way I can get back in, this will be on my record for life. I can't even find a job so now I'm just screwed. All my friends will be getting their degrees and having a successful life but I wasted mine away.

I'm a failure and whatever happens it will be my fault.

Jun 16, 2011

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  • Yep. You're a failure.

  • You can go to a different college? I mean theres many, try a community college if you already didn't go to one. It may even depend on the college your at, some colleges don't even care about their students! So don't give up!! You can do it!

  • look bro same conditions happened to me 8 years ago. I am from india, i was also kicked out of my college and i even used to do drugs. Lately my father made me realise the importance of having a life. I joined a call center, in some months i became group leader and currently i am owning my own outsoursing company. In short dont give up, life is full of challenges and you must have the courage to face them head on to succeed not any fancy degree !!

  • You are not a failure.

  • Yes he is.

  • College is about exploring your options. Figuring out what YOU want to do in life. But sometimes it isn't for everyone. If the classes are so hard, get a tutor. If they are requirements for your major, maybe look into a different major or career. It's not the end of the world. For now, tell your parents you're going to take a semester off to reassess. Just be honest. Get a retail job or something low-key or an internship somewhere doing something you think you have some interest in. But don't stop, enroll in some classes at a nearby community college. Concentrate on you, stop worrying what everyone else is doing.

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