I am one of those people that was supposed to die young. Except I didn't. I was supposed to be that girl that died in High School that everyone looks back upon fondly. The one that went before her time. I never planned for life past the age of eighteen, because I never thought I would make it past eighteen. Now I have a s***** college degree that I can't do anything with and wasted all my money on. I can't find a job or a place of my own. I am 22 and living with my mom and younger brothers who constantly remind me of how much of a low-life I am. I think about my future now and see nothing but misery on the road ahead. Yes, I have some great days now and then that seem to make the meaning of life suddenly clear, but they are few and very far between. I just can't make myself believe that it is worth it. I know they say that "it gets better" but does that really apply to every one?? Are some people not just miserable their whole lives while constantly waiting for it to get better??



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  • After college I had to move back in with my folks and my three younger brothers because I couldn't find a job in this small town to support myself. Two months home and I woak up being felt up by my youngest bro who's 15 and ended up having s** with him told Ron it was going to be our secret or else he would regret it deeply. the next morning Ron and Larry woak me up by sucking on both nipples and Ron knows that's how he got me the first time well I ended up having s** with both of them now they want me all the time even make advances towards me when our folks are at home, even beneath the dinner table when we're all there even fingering me beneath a blanket watching TV right in front of everyone else, but luckily no one was the wiser to what was going on beneath the blanket.. They will even come in the bathroom when I am showering and get in the shower with me and we end up having s** and even f****** my mouth. Now Jim is involved with me and yesterday afternoon after school all three had their way with me. They get me so turned on my body gives itself to them in a matter of minutes and somehow I can't say NO to them and mean it. I am the smallest in our family even tho I am 22, I stand bare footed 5' even weigh 86 lbs and Ron stands 5'8",Larry stands 5'9" and Jim 6 foot even and I am no match for them physically.

  • You are NOT a low-life, unless you are some type of criminal or something. They dont know what they are talking about.

  • The problem with many of us is that we tend to have a false sense of what happiness is and we compare ourselves to "successful" people in the media. I have a masters degree, a secure job, a nice house, and am still unhappy because I would've loved to be a pianist instead of what I am now. I have a friend who never finished college, never had a secure job, but dedicated himself to music and now travels around the world doing what he loves.

    Being unemployed is an opportunity for you to find something you love doing and make it a living. Don't get old trying to pursue what other people think you should do.

  • Hey Unhappy I understand how you feel, life for me seems pointless and monotonous too, but while we're here just got to make the most of it. You're not a low life you have done something productive in getting yourself a degree, which many people do not.Regards to jobs - everyones in the same boat, as I say to my lil bro, can't give up have to just persevere-I did.For me to improve my life I'm going to be the best I can be and change the bad things about myself. Improve my relationship with god as he has proved his existence to me.Go on holidays, learn a new language, improve on my piano, be more sociable and just get out there learn as much knowledge as possible to improve my life, look at positive thinking videos on youtube and things that help boost esteem and be spontaneous - take random road trips, take some money and just drive somewhere. That's for me you need to find something for you - god is for everyone, I hope you find happiness! xx

  • It really does get better if you are willing to see it.

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