I think my boyfriend might be gay

Ive been with my boyfriend for almost 6 months and I've had some people ask me it hes gay or make jokes that he could be gay. I didn't notice it until they asked me but he does wear tight pants, moves his hands a certain way when he talks and he does have a problem keeping it up in bed. I'm terrified that I could be a cover-up and one day hes going to come out and I'm going to be heartbroken and wasted so much time on this guy. But I really do love him and care for him so I'm hoping none of it is true 😭

Feb 3, 2017

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  • There are many effeminate guys who are totally stright. I think You are safe. ;)

    But you can ask him always.

  • At minimum, he sounds like he has ED and/or is not that attracted to you. I'd talk to him. If you suspect he might be gay, trust your instincts. You are probably right.

  • Discuss your concerns with him, if you're that concerned about it. You owe it to yourself to.

    But I suggest when you do broach/address this concern to him, do it within a diplomatic, empathetic and delicate manner. You don't want to frighten him, you want to make him feel comfortable about discussing anything delicate, with you.

    Plus, plenty of male's wear tight jeans and trousers lol so don't base your judgements on those stereotypes. Also, you shouldn't listen to gossip either. I suggest you don't mention this to your boyfriend during your conversation if you have one, because it might incite mistrust of you and doubts. You never know, your boyfriend might be straight but just more effeminate, that some guys.

    Good luck

  • Don't stay if you strongly suspect. You're wasting life.

  • You could have the best of both then if he is bi and you are adventurous? Get a third party involved every now and then so you get two nice c**** to have fun with plus he gets some nice c*** to suck as you watch;imagine it as you are being taken nicely from behind he is sitting under you flicking his tongue on your clitty and getting a mouthful of c*** in between

  • Bring a fit stud home with you one day and see how he reacts. Maybe you could get in the middle.

  • Have a serious conversation with him, and say what you just said here, that you care for him, but do NOT want to get blindsided. Ask him outright. Another way is to ask him how many women he's been with, and when he tells you, then -- as though it were a joke -- ask him how many men he's been with. And if he laughs without answering, then say, "no, seriously.......how many men?"

  • He's gay honey

  • You really think so?

  • Lol know! I don't know him!

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