I'm so scared

My boyfriend asked me to send revealing pictures of myself the other night. I had already sent one in my bra about a month before but now he wanted more. I was so scared of loosing him cause he kinda was getting agressive(which i loved at first) and I was afraid to do it. But after an hour i send one, he said it was too dark, so I told him no but he kept pushing and pushing until I broke, I wanted to, he was making it so hard to resist. Then I sent the second one. He asked for a third, this completely nude and after 4 hours of tellin him no, i finally did it but i didn't show EVERYTHING and he got a little upset so I finally put my foot down. He said he deleted all the pics but I'm so scared, what if he didn't? I never wanna do that ever again in my entire life. I don't want him to tell anyone. I'm terrified, I shouldn't have done it and I don't know why I did. I repented and everything but I still feel EXTREMELY guilty and soooo terrified.

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  • I understand how you feel and you need to get help talk to a best friend you know you can trust with this info maybe a big buff guy friend that can scare some sense into your boyfriend so he knows what's coming to him if he sends those pictures

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