Creating a "Secret Family"

I am in my late 40s and been married 3 times and have 4 kids with 2 different women.I am not married to the mother of two of the kids.

I have this nagging feeling of going back to the coutry where I was born for a visit,find a nice woman and have s** with her and have at least 2 kids and keep the whole thing a secret fom all my family members.I will support that secret family as much as I can.

I want to do that because all the relationships I have ever had have been so unfulfilling and disastrous.I know it will come to haunt me later if I do it but,I don't really care.

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  • Has JoeMonco weighed in on this at all? I can't form an opinion without help from JoeMonco.

  • who is joe monco?

  • Why not just go back to the country you can from and STAY there? There are enough LOSERS here already! GOOD BYE and GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • I can't go back there snd stay really-am a citizen here.

  • Creating a secret family isn't going to bring fulfillment to your life. You know, you're part of the problem for the reasons why you're relationships end bad. You have to work on why that is and be willing to make changes to current relationships, before you go on to f*** up the next. This whole post just says you're creepy and sad. Should you really go on to have this secret family..Those are the people I feel the most sorry for. That's a betrayal before it even starts. You need to learn something about integrity.

  • I admire your reasoning

  • We DON'T admire your weakness, especially since you seem to have to make babies you won't care for as part of that weakness.
    People like you are why the world is a crowded mess.

  • Ask God to remove these thoughts from your mind. They are unrighteous.

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