Married Peeper Next Door

I am twenty and said to be hot. And my girlfriends always tell me they wish they had my body, though I don't wear clothes to show it off, and I'm very religious. I go to church every Sunday, have taught Sunday School, and I am still a virgin. But, I let my guard down and I am a victim of l***.

A few months ago, I forgot to pull down my shade in my bedroom and had only my bra and panties on when I walked past my window. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw my next door neighbor looking out his window at me. I shut off the lights and my neighbor, a fifty year old dentist, was staring out his window into my bedroom window.

I was shocked at fist. My neighbor is a gentle, distinguished man respected by everyone. Then, I felt a tingling in my body, and I'm ashamed to say I began to like the idea of a safe way to show a man my body and I began to really like the excitement. I got so excited I could hardly walk because my body was trembling with l***.

The next night I walked in front of my window again with only my bra and panties on and shut off the light and my neighbor was there again, and I got so turned on about it.

I got so hot about this I began to take off my bra in front of the window and had a mirror where I could see my neighbor looking without him knowing I was undressing in front of him on purpose. Finally, I got so h**** doing this I took off all my clothes and let my neighbor see everything.

I'm a little ashamed that I love this so much, but I'm hooked on the excitement and the l*** and can't help myself. I've even fantasized about giving my neighbor my virginity. I feel bad though when I go to church and pray to God to take away my l*** over this. Then when nighttime comes in spite of my good intentions,I take off my clothes again in front of the window. In one way, I wish I could stop and pray for that to happen. In another way, it turns me on so much I can't wait for bedtime and doing my show for my neighbor.

If my girlfriends knew about this, they'd be shocked and disappointed in me. I guess it could be worse. At least I'm not a s*** out on the town having s** with many guys.

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  • It is possible to be both Christian and lustful. Let yourself enjoy the feelings and sexuality that God gave you.

  • The truth of the matter is, that everyone, Christian or not sins. You cannot avoid it, and in all honesty praying to God to take away the l*** will not help. You cannot take l*** away. From the moment you were born it was there. But you can pray to God for the strength to get through the moment without falling.
    before Jesus was crucified He stood in the garden of Gethsemene. He prayed to God that He would not have to go through what He knew He was coming. He prayed that just like you pray to have your sin taken away. He prayed to not go through it, but like Him you know that you will have to face that situation. And I believe that in that moment Jesus prayed for the strength to go through it more than He prayed not to He knew that God the father could give Him the strength to make it through the night.

  • It's ok. You're experiencing what we call "real life". You know what that happens? It happens because that's real. That's reality, and it won't be "taken away" because there is no god to take it away. You'll have to deal with it and obviously you like it, which is normal. People like excitement and you are of the age of discovering and playing such emotions.

    So just go wit it, don't go too far but just go with it if it feels fun and nice. He's enjoying it, that's for sure ;) Play with your b****** a little if you want, let your hands slide over your body. It will make him explode. You're doing him a big favor really. So it's a win-win situation.

  • OMG! An atheist! I plead the blood of JESUS! on your sorry, f***** up ass!!! May HE deliver you from the demons of doubt that have f***** up your mind and driven you away from the only TRUTH!!!!

    Lord JESUS bind the demons of doubt that have possessed this sorry b******'s soul and save his doomed ass! I ask this in your name. AMEN!!!!

  • yeah right if u r religious y would u show body 2 ur neighbor hu is 50!, god!, y not give ur brother d undressing show instead... Hmmm..

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