Ok I have a question. I've been

Ok I have a question. I've been reading this site now for about 2 months and all the confessions I've read may not have been true but assuming they were, Does anybody ever wonder what the world is coming to. I mean grown men having s** with their mothers, giving their uncles blow jobs, girls being dumped and deciding to go sleep with every tom d*** and harry, we are all going to h*** with gasoline underpants. I mean just think, If the Bible is true and God is who He says He is then we have no chance of going to heaven when we die. I'm just ranting because the question was raised to me. But unless you don't believe in God at all you have to believe there's life after earth.

Now I consider myself a well educated person and I study many different religions but the one scary thing for all of mankind is the accuracy of the Bible. No scientific fact known to man contridicts it, and most new scientific evidence is confirmed by it. The other scary thing is that the last days that the Bible describes are just like what's going on now. If you don't believe me read the Books of Daniel and Revelation and you'll see why I am concerned. Because it even predicts the wierd weather patterns that we are having now. Like snow on easter and 90 degres in November.

All I'm saying is the more I read in depth the Bible the more sense it makes. And the more sense it makes the scarier it gets because by Bible standards we are all doomed.

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  • In the first few sentences, your confession seemed sane and understandable. Then you cut the turn too close at the end of the 1st paragraph, and going into the second you spun out, hit the wall and burst into flames. Too bad, brain-dead on arrival.

  • In the midst of all the stories and teachings of the Bible, the ONE message is that though we human beings are ALL sinners, Jesus Christ died as a sacrifice for us and our sins so that if we believe in what He did for us by faith, we can be forgiven by the loving and holy God, and be declared righteous in His sight, and go to heaven. This is all by God's kindness and generosity, as we believe through faith. We don't earn it. We just humbly accept what Jesus did for us by dying for us. It's that simple. The rest of life is living for the Lord.

    Everyone is welcome to believe. If you choose not to, you remain in your sins and will be judged accordingly by this holy and loving God. Since you choose to remain in your sinful condition and reject His offer of forgiveness through Christ, you will be found wanting and will be condemned to h***.

    Personally, I don't wish anybody to go to h*** but for all of you who read this to choose Christ and go to heaven. Yes, even you people who swear and mock and blaspheme, I hope you will turn away from your bent will and believe.

    I'm a normal person, by the way! I work, I follow pro sports, I play Wii, I like Wal-Mart, and I think Tom Hanks is a good actor overall. I also believe that there is a God and the Bible He gave us shows us the way to know Him presently and how to know Him forever in heaven. Choose God!

  • fear god, not them.

  • toast and jam, toast and jam

  • No need to defend Christ. If you are a Christian all you have to do is live right and let God deal with people like the commenter above. They will have their chance just make sure you don't miss your chance to accept Christ and go to heaven.

  • Bible thumping losers. Get a life. Organized religion is responsible for 99.9% of all the pain, suffering, death and destruction this planet has experienced during the last 5000 years. I've had it with you people. You judge people, you feel you're better than everyone else because you "believe". And you're all alike - doesn't really matter which faith you belong to. I wish you would all just die. Or at least shut. the. f***. up. Have a nice day.

  • I disagree with the bible for the most part. Like that whole-men were meant to sleep with women thing. You should be able to live your life as you please. There are a lot of f***** up people in the world,but I do think it's necessary for them to be here,because if nobody made these mistakes,how would we know what was wrong from right? Take Hitler for example,it was totally and completely wrong for him to do what he did,but if that never happened,what would life be like today? How would we be expectd to grow as a society?

  • You're right there alot of sick people in this world. Is depressing. People raping children, mother and fathers raping their children. These people should be thrown to the gas chamber. There are rotten, animals deserve to live more than they do.

  • Absolutly correct

  • This person isn't condemning anybody they are just asking a question. A question that I find very relevant. I mean he has a point, all the things he said are true about what's in the Bible and I myself have to wonder how the writes of this book could have such an incredible insight into the future. It isn't even about religion. If you look at it the Bible is the best selling book ever. It's sold millions of more copies than the # 2 book. I think we owe it to ourselves to at least take a real hard look at this book just incase there is a .0001% chance of it being true.

  • people are gonna believe what they wanna believe regardless of the so called *facts*, if you need religion to help u sleep then goodluck but some of us dont, its all in our heads.

  • ^^SHUT THE F*** UP.

  • To those who say the Bible is out of date and fiction-----
    Explain this to me. How can a book dating back 4000 years ago, that has 40 different authors, written in many different countries, cultures, and civilizations speak so accurately about things such as

    Ocean Currents
    Sound Waves
    The Water Cycle
    The First Law of Thermodynamics
    Air Mass
    The Correct Rotation of the Earth
    The way of Light
    The Prediction of the Middle East Conflict
    Nuclear Weapons
    A Round Earth
    The Earth Revolving around the Sun
    The Suns movement through space
    And more

    Now tell me how can a book that "was written to long ago to compare with our time" as you say, accurately talk about these topics that didn't even exist then. They didn't have the technology we have today to study all these things yet they are mentioned in the Bible very clearly. I used to believe the same thing until I took an in depth look for myself. All I'm saying is that I've found it very interesting that the Bible has so many facts that have nothing to do with morality. And that wasn't even thought about or discovered until thousands of years later.

    Not only that but I even did some research into the people who discovered these things and almost every single person attempted to discover it after reading in the Bible that it existed. Except for the Car and the Airplane. So tell me how can this book not be relevant today when today's very foundation was built from it.

  • Ok first things first. I'm not judging anyone. i didn't make this up. All I said is according to the Bible we are all doomed. If you feel condemned then that's God not me. So lets get that straight. Me nor any other person can say for sure what will happen when this world or our lives end but what I am saying is that every other religions book just doesn't hold water to the Bible. And if you really are a Christian as you say and you read the Bible you will see that God has a wrath and if you choose to do wrong he will destroy you. And that is what is happening to this country. We've become a safe haven for immorality, the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, And if you read the bible you know they were destroy for the exact same things that run prevelant in our society today. So talk to me about judging when it's as clear as day that God is the one doing the judging and passing down of sentencing not me.

  • Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

  • Thou shalt not judge, lest you be judged.

  • i believe in what the bible says.. and the bible says that "sins are forgiven" and "thou shalt not condemn" and you're condemning these people. i'm a christian and yes i've sinned. but i've also confessed my sins here, and elsewhere. that doesn't mean i'm going to h*** and that gives you NO RIGHT to tell me or any of these other people that we're going to h*** because we've done wrong. if they believe in God, and ask for forgiveness, they have every God given right to go to heaven as you do.
    so if you really think we're going to h*** and you really think Jesus is coming back, keep your mouth shut and worry about yourself, and stop condemning other people. the most you should do is pray for these people or tell them about God, not tell them they're going to h***.

  • "Religion is the opiate of the people" - Karl Marx.


  • I also think that we use religion to coax people into behaving a certain way, by making them think there will consequences for behaving immorally, whether they are apparent in "this life" or not.

  • I certainly wish there were fewer f*****-up people in this world. But do I think we're all gonna burn in h***? F*** no. I think the bible is the greatest fiction novel ever written.

  • the bible was written to long ago to compare with our time, yes it can teach you morale lessons but so can many things, also the creations take the properties of their creators so if god wanted us all to be perfect we would all be jesus but we are imperfect and always will be so our creator should expect this and to think we would all go to h*** for being imperfect, that is just being a hypocrate, and this is if god exists at all. it is true that religion could have been made to help peopledie

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