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So me and my boyfriend the other night were layin in my bed talkin and I had his phone and we were messin around and i was like hm im going to text everyone in your phone we were bored whatever so i was going to say hi to everyone in his phone just cuz idk haha and he stopped me and was like whoa I realized who you were fixing to text and he's like dont do that, that girl hates me..so I of course had to know why he still had he number if she hates him so bad and he's like because i dont hate her and he said he wanted it just in case and i asked why just in case if she hates you then why hold onto it?? right? And he kept repeating just in case (note this girl was his bestfriend and started hating him for the fact that he wouldn't be with her because he was with me. she's his friend from states away where he's from) But when I asked him the questions why he had it bla bla it seemed like in his eyes in my opinion that i think he loves her or likes her a lot... and i read his blog he does every night.. and he said how this girl that said she hated him text him and they had a basic convo.. which whatever i dont want to take away his friends or anything. But He's fixing to go back to where he's from to take a test for college.. and i'm afraid he's going to hang out with her and things will go too far and i wont have any idea about it. because like i said when i looked into his eyes it seems like he loves this girl :/ and she really likes him/ or loves him...

Idk what to do im confused because he's a great guy and i dont want to lose him but im afraid to ask him about it cuz he might get mad or deny it..

Jul 14, 2011

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  • ?uo? is a c***

  • If you continue with this possessive, jealous behavior you'll probably lose him. Going through his phone like that, finding her name and drawing your own conclusions makes you look awfully insecure and clingy. You are pushing him away. If he's a dog, he's a dog and all your monitoring of him won't change that.

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