Should i just get it over with already?

I have been hospitalized several several times for cutting or burning myself. and every time i get back to my school after words i always have notes or something on or in my locker calling me an emo f** a gothic b**** and saying stuff like cutters go to h*** and just a bunch of rude things and i started last year when i was eleven and now i'm twelve and have already been hospitalized like anywhere from 10-15 times already. i've been thinking about suicide and how easy it could be and WOULD be any advice? should i just get i over with?

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  • she killed herself last night
    - the boy who loved her

  • Wait until you're an adult. U can move out of wherever u live and leave everything horrible behind. How do I know? Experience.

  • It will get better. You're in a hard time in your life. Middle school is a very hard time and you think your life will always suck, but once you grow up and have independence from your family you'll be okay. I ate lunch in the bathroom in middle school because I didn't have anyone to sit with and I didn't want to sit alone in the cafeteria. I was made fun of and completley turned on by friends. Now I have a hot boyfriend, great friends, a job I love, and a good life. Things change. It will get better.

  • Move away from your family at the first possible opportunity, college or wherever, and get your real life started. High school is complete bullshit and it in hindsight all of your old problems will seem meaningless. I cut in high school but the urges subsided after I moved away and escaped the drama.

  • NO!! Trust me, I'm a cutter and I've had sucidal thoughts and almost attempted but at the end of the day I realize that I would be leaving to many people behind, that do show they care about me and I'm not willing to cause pain in their lives even if it means ending the pain in mine. People like us are looked at as freaks but were not, were just trying to relieve our pain, hate, and, or anger. I cut to release pain, I hate my life, but I don't hate the people in it and I relized why I live and I'm not going to die before I reach my goal even if it means putting up with all that kills me inside. I've learned it does get better and life does get easier. Say s**** you to all the people who tear you down and live for those who show you they love you because in the end their image of you is all that really matters. Your worth so much more then people let you to believe.

  • You're so young to be depressed. Life when you're young is wonderful, you just have to change your perspective on it. Go to therapy, if that helps. And if one therapist doesn't help, you just need to find the right one. I struggled with cutting for about 5 years of my middle school/high school life, and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. I'm a much stronger person now than I was back then. You need to find a new release, like the above poster said. There are people that love you, even if you don't realize it. It WILL get better with time. Just relax, look at the beautiful things in life, find something that makes you happy.

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